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President Trump’s Arizona speech was disturbing, demented, and par for the course

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The President of the United States staged a campaign style rally in Phoenix Arizona last night in front of a fiercely partisan group of his supporters.

This was not a speech, it was an ego soak, the only thing missing was a pep band.

Outside, police clashed with protesters, the two sides exchanged tear gas.

The scene was something out of a Spike Lee movie.

These “rallies” are not for everyone, unless you rock one of those cheesy red hats, the Trump worship session is not the place for you.

Mr. Trump is President, but is only interested in speaking to the people that voted for him, which is counter to everything a President should be.

The President is still in campaign mode, he behaves as if he has something to prove.

Despite winning the election almost a year ago, Trump still feels the need to garner small scale acceptance, and do everything possible to legitimize his victory over Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Trump’s insecurities are the impetus for these rallies, he could care less about the policy related concerns of the people that attend.

The Arizona speech was intended to galvanize his base, and assist Trump in reestablishing control of the narrative.

77 minutes later, America was once again reminded that this President is not a voice of reason, decency, America yet again was duped into expecting some degree of moral authority from the chief executive of the United States.

Donald Trump stood before the nation last night, and under the guise of leadership,  distorted the facts regarding Charlottesville, refused to denounce white supremacy, downplayed the crowd size of the protesters outside, attempted to label the free press as the enemy of America, once again implied that black on black crime is more relevant than rising tide of Neo Nazis, and worst of all, the President attempted to play revisionist history with the eyes of history watching his every move.

Trump is pathological liar, a totally untrustworthy man who is backed into a corner legally, and totally over his responsibility to take care of the American people.

The President hates being President, he hates the hours, he hates the accountability, and he loathes the idea of helping people less fortunate them him.

Trump is also starting to become disconnected from the very people that elected him.

Trump’s rambling soliloquy was so deranged, so unhinged, that a large amount of his supporters walked out of the speech before the President concluded his remarks.

The President struggled to get his message across to the citizens that allegedly stand by him no matter what.

By any measure, that occurrence alone made the much hyped speech a massive failure.

Lets get some things straight.

‘We’re closely following the terrible events unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia’—this is me speaking—‘We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence.’ That’s me speaking on Saturday, right after the event. So I’m condemning, the strongest possible terms, ‘egregious display of bigotry, hatred, and violence.’ You can’t do much better.”

After the tragedy of Charlottesville, and the death of Heather Heyer, the President of the United States explicitly blamed “both sides”, absolved the Neo Nazi’s and the Klu Klu Klan of any real responsibility, and rubber stamped the counter protesters as the Alt Left.

Including the innocent young woman who was run over by a car.

These are facts, the President of the United States outed himself as a Nazi sympathizer, he rationalized the actions of hate groups that inflicted a terror attack on American soil, and then insulted our intelligence by attempting to play both sides of the fence with his mulligan speech.

The President also stated that confederate monuments are a part of “our history”, but in the next breath told the audience that he stands for all Americans, which makes no sense whatsoever.

Trump openly complained about attacks on symbols of white culture, and this is less than a week after CEO’s all over the country bailed on his administration.

Trump is not running from the belief that he is a racist, he is embracing it, his delusional approach to the damage he caused is a slap in the face to Americans and he knows it.

President Trump is not a unifying force, his primary goal is to advance the agenda of himself, even his base of supporters have been left holding the bag on numerous occasions since he was sworn in.

Trump also continued his disturbing new trend of attacking Congressional Republicans, the same group of people that are preventing him from being impeached.

The GOP controlled Congress has made it possible for the President to behave and perform like a child, without the support of the GOP, Trump would have been removed from office by now.

Congressional Republicans have stood by Trump, even after the majority of the country decided the “many sides” remark were the words of a bigot in power.

In denigrating the GOP, Trump is further isolating himself from the ticket he ran on, he is in effect daring Congressional Republicans to stand up to him.

Which they won’t, even with the President dignifying Christian identity based principles, the GOP has refused  to pump the brakes on the Trump administration, and it’s doubtful they will now.

Which is why Trump feels he can humiliate all of them on national television and get away with it.

President Trump is who he is, and he is not apologizing for it.

He is content to be seen as a racist, he does not have an interest in unifying the country, and he will continue to lash out because that has gotten him positive results his entire adult life.

All of the disappointment, the anger, the sadness that is all over the internet, all of it is justified.

The President is a disgrace to the American people, and a conduit for the type of values that have no place in our society.

However, what was everyone expecting?

Did everyone believe that Trump would turn into Merry Poppins over night, that the backlash after Charlottesville would transform him into a better human being?

That was never going happen, and it never will, getting upset that Mr. Trump won’t denounce bigotry is pointless.

It’s difficult to denounce something you believe in, it’s impossible to distance yourself from people in your inner circle.

Even if Trump eventually does so, it wont mean anything, it wont change anything, it wont alter his actions, or hinder his private belief system.

Americans are in a tough spot, typically our President is the light tower, the symbol of hope, the person that reaches down in the mud and pulls us all out.

That’s no longer the case, and John F Kennedy is not walking through that door anytime soon.

The American people will need to lean on each other, seek the truth at all times, and stop expecting this President to be Presidential.

Just stop it, all of you, lets start looking to each other, lets rely on our elected leaders that actually want to govern.

Only together, can we endure these dark times Trump has thrust upon us, only together, can we defeat bigotry, fear, and hate.

President Trump is a true enemy to the American way, allowing his daily emotional abuse to ruin your day serves his purpose.

Don’t let him win, America will endure.





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