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Report: Trump met with Russian ambassador during the campaign

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Russiagate continues to spiral out of control.

As if on cue, Wiki Leaks dumped a folder of documents today titled Vault 7.

These documents directly attack the CIA, describing everything from security protocols, to the methods in which they can hack our phones, and pretty much play big brother with every electronic device known to man.

Stunning news, but the timing of it overrides the actual content of the dump.

President Trump and Russia are under intense scrutiny, and the net is widening.

Congress is none to pleased, and have already started calling high ranking officials to testify.

Such as FBI director James Comey.

The dump is seemingly yet again is helpful to two parties.

Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.

The dump is yet again damaging to live opponents of President Trump.

On Saturday is complains about his phones being tapped, and tells everyone around him he has “evidence”, but refuses to reveal it.

72 hours later WikiLeaks drop Vault 7?

That’s not a coincidence.

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Now that Hilliary is gone, Julian Assanage and his merry band of programmers have targeted the CIA, an organization that the Commander and Chief has attacked on numerous occasions.

Usually such a dump would be big news, but somehow, it seemingly has further indicted the Trump administration.

The American public knows the rules of the game now, as the investigation into Trump has produced fruit, it was inevitable that Russia, WikiLeaks, and Trump would strike back.

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Assange once again has his day in the sun, but his vacation is coming to a close.

He could be evicted this summer from the Ecuadorian Embassy, and considering he just dumped highly classified information onto the entire planet, he should be remanded to custody once he is homeless.

Sweden, or the United States will have this criminal in tow by Labor Day.

As for Trump.

This dump hurts, it does not help.

He has been crying about leaks for weeks, and how un-American leaking classified information is.

He will have a difficult time championing this dump.

You cannot have it both ways.

Either accurate information dumps are good for the global community, or they are not.

The dump also firmly ties President Trump to WikiLeaks, they are acting in his interests, and where did they get this information.

Did someone hack the CIA?

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Did someone within the government forward this information to WikiLeaks?

Considering the behavior of the Trump administration, there will be suspicion that this leak was much closer to home than the DNC hack.

As for Trump.

The lies continue.

He told us he never met with any Russian officials during the campaign.

Then the other day, this emerges

From Think Progress

Trump personally met with the Russian ambassador on April 27, 2016, prior to a major foreign policy speech. The Wall Street Journal, in a report that was little noticed at the time but was recently picked up by AMERICABlog News, reported the meeting last year.

A few minutes before he made those remarks, Mr. Trump met at a VIP reception with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak. Mr. Trump warmly greeted Mr. Kislyak and three other foreign ambassadors who came to the reception.

After meeting with Sergey Ivanovich, Trump gave a speech pushing for improved relations between the United States, and Russia.

He gave this speech with Sergey sitting in the front row, but the clandestine meeting between them was not a matter of public concern.

Not until now.

Lets review

  1. 6 people close to Trump have lied about ties or communications with  Russia during the campaign
  2. 1 of those (Michael Flynn) people have resigned, another (Jeff Sessions) is on the ropes
  3. The entire administration has gone at the record, and denied contact with Russia before the story got juicy, now? Not so much.
  4. Trump’s team pushed for Russian friendly language to be inserted into the GOP platform after meeting with Sergey at the GOP convention
  5. WikiLeaks released pro Trump leaks during the stretch campaign of the general election with help from the Russians according to intelligence sources
  6. The Trump administration continued to deny contact with Russia
  7. The Trump administration conducted government business with the Russians prior to Trump being sworn into office
  8. Reports continue to emerge of ties between Trump’s team and the Kremlin
  9. Trump continues to deny that Russia was involved in meddling in our election, but gives up when he was starting to be seen as a traitor.
  10. Trump praises Vladimir Putin on Super Bowl Sunday, calling him a great leader, and chiding America for past transgressions. In fact,Trump has never said a negative word about Putin, he seems adverse to the very idea of it.
  11. The wheels come off, The American media and the intelligence community expose that there was clear connections between Trump and the Russians. Multiple ongoing investigations leak intel to CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post
  12. Trump freaks out, and threatens to investigate everybody, and his biggest hard chubie  is for Barack Obama
  13. Congress calls FBI director James Commey to testify, and word is they want Jeff Sessions too
  14. WikiLeaks dumps harmful information about the CIA 72 hours after Trump accuses the Obama administration of tapping his phone without evidence.
  15. It’s revealed that Trump did in fact meet with a Russian official on the campaign trail, just before a pro Russian speech no less. A speech that got great reviews in Russia

What should scare all of us, is where is this timeline going??

From Twitter

This feel like just the beginning, and yet there is so much yet to come.

But we have to ask ourselves, and this goes beyond party politics.

Can we trust Donald Trump?



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