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Mueller convenes a grand jury, and the shades of Watergate descend upon DC


Sourced reporting out of Washington DC has confirmed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already started the process of amassing a grand jury that will eventually be asked to rubber stamp possible criminal indictments against any actors within the Trump administration that committed crimes.

The scope of the investigation is global, CNN confirmed that Mueller is tearing Trump’s life apart financially, and the more he finds, the more lawyers he retains.

The announcement of the grand jury must send a shiver down the spine of President Trump, the news is tacit confirmation that this is no witch hunt, but a potentially life altering criminal investigation that could destroy the business empire the billionaire has built.

Shades of 1973, but in many ways, the Trump administration might be in far worse trouble than Richard Nixon’s outfit ever was.

This news will go unnoticed by many, but it’s among the more scary developments thus far since Mr. Mueller was appointed.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but Mueller is moving at light speed.

Mueller is not only investigating ties to Russia, but there is financial crimes to consider, domestic issues that could result in criminal indictments.

The Trump Jr Meeting, Trump dictating Trump Jr’s false statement, the obstruction related concerns with James Comey, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Sally Yates, there is too many sticky situations to count at this point.

If this was fake news, if Mueller had nothing, he would not feel compelled to convene a grand jury 8 weeks into his investigation.

Nobody would have blinked twice if Mueller took 8 months, but 8 weeks?

For Mueller to take this step this quickly, he must already be in possession of inculpatory evidence, and feels the need to start to work with 23 jurors who will examine the evidence, and assist Mueller in his inevitable task.

But because the investigation keeps growing, Mueller is going to need some time to pick up all the pieces, the Special Counsel’s office has hired lawyers that prosecute the mob, white collar crimes, bank fraud, the list goes on and on.

In the meantime, this grand jury will hear testimony, they will issue subpoenas, and eventually, they will come back with indictments.

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Mueller does not say much, the career G-man moves in mysterious ways, but his actions speak louder than anything he could possibly say.

As he has investigated Trump, he has beefed up his team to ridiculous lengths, interrogated people close to the President, demanded a vast amount of records from the White House, retained James Comey as a cooperating witness, did not release Comey’s memos to the public, announced he was looking into Trump financial ties, did so, then arranged for an active grand jury.

He takes the last step after a very short time investigating the case.

The writing is on the wall folks, Donald Trump and company are in for the fight of their lives.

Twitter, Sean Hannity, nothing is going to alter this narrative, and Mueller is most likely encouraged that there is bipartisan legislation in the pipeline that will limit the President’s ability to fire him.

The President is currently enjoying a two week vacation, and he has plenty to think about in the aftermath of this revelation.



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