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Robert Mueller indicts 13 Russian nationals as Russia probe heats up

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russian nationals on charges ranging from conspiracy to defraud the United States, to bank fraud, wire fraud, and a host of other criminal charges(including cyber crimes) that transform the defendants into some of the most wanted men on planet earth.

All 13 defendants reside in Russia, but will have issues doing anything internationally for the rest of their natural lives.

An American man was indicted in California.

The indictment blows the doors open in regards to any lingering doubts that Russia interfered in the American election.

Any notion of a hoax or a “witch hunt” evaporated this afternoon when the Department of Justice unsealed an indictment that will only amplify concerns about the lengths the Russian Federation went to in the interest of disrupting the American political process.

The indictment focuses on a Russian company called the “Internet Research Agency”, which allegedly hosted a disruption operation that started in 2014 according to the documents.

Russian Nationals used social media campaigns to sow discord, even going as far as to stage political rallies within the United States with the intent of causing division, and traveling to the United States to gather intelligence.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the trolls used a variety of means to attack the United States political system, and swing the election in the direction of President Donald J. Trump.

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” By early to mid-2016,” the indictment reads, Defendants’ operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump” and disparaging Hillary Clinton. The indictment describes a Russian operation that was essentially a Super PAC operating on Trump’s behalf, one that employed hundreds of individuals with an annual budget of the equivalent of millions of U.S. dollars, more precisely, $1.2 million per month by September 2016.  

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Separately, the special counsel’s office announced that an American citizen had pled guilty to facilitating payments through stolen identities”.

The Kremlin has yet to comment on the indictment, claiming they “have yet to read it”.

The White House response meanwhile has drawn the ire of observers, after all it has been the White House that has denied such an operation ever took place, it was the White House that refused to implement sanctions after the Congress voted to do so.

Robert Mueller’s indictment of Russian nationals is the latest episode of what is quickly becoming the biggest political scandal in American history.

The indictment ramps up the pressure on the Trump administration, it’s difficult to spin an indictment as clear cut as this one.

In indiciting 13 men that he most likely will never touch, Robert Mueller has made it untenable for Trump to fire him, doing so could be perceived as aiding and abetting a hostle foreign government.





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