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Robert Mueller is coming to collect, and the GOP is powerless to stop him

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller is under attack, President Trump’s multifaceted campaign  to discredit Mueller’s investigation has one singular goal.

To blunt the impact of his findings, the GOP led Congress has punted on justice, democracy, they have become much more preoccupied with perserving a Presidency that is dividing America.

President Trump is mentally and emotionally unfit for office, he may even be guility of commiting federal crimes, but to the GOP, he is a useful stooge that could enable them pass meaningful legislation before the 2018 midterms.

To that end, they are willing to do anything to save him.

The broad campaign to discredit the FBI has been terrifying to watch, the GOP has circled the wagons in a shameless effort to insulate a President that is holding on by string.

Mueller, a millitary veteran and career law enforcement officer has been presented as evil, corrupt, compromised, Fox News would have you believe that Robert Mueller is part of some larger conspiracy to unseat the President.

This logic totally ignores the growing mountain of evidence that the President broke the law, and encouraged others to do the same.

The campaign also seems oblivious to the indictments that have already been handed down, and the daily reports of alleged criminal activity within the Trump administration.

We don’t actually know the extent of the conspiracy to defraud the United States, our fear is that something nefarious took place, and the apprehensive behavior of Republicans implies that something really bad is about to come to light.

In the last week, the Trump led Justice Department has opened shady investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server and the Clinton Foundation, actions that are motivated in total to appease an increasingly insecure President.

The Republican controlled Congress meanwhile has opted to investigate the FBI, and demand confidential documents that could aid them in discrediting Mueller’s team, and the investigation as a whole.

As if on cue, Chuck Grassley, and Linsey Graham, recomended criminal charges against Christopher Steele, the author of the now infamous Trump dossier, citing information that the FBI was already aware of.

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Rachel Maddow snapped it into focus earlier tonight.

Congress also has forced Fusion GPS, the information firm that was involved with the dossier, to turn over it’s bank records.

Fusion GPS published a riveting oped in the New York Times earlier this week, questioning why the GOP led Congress was more concerned with the source of the information, than the information itself.

The conservative media has only been too happy to throw gasoline on the fire, continually inciting an increasingly confused base.

The bad news for the GOP is that all of this noise is just that.


All of this moving and shaking is not going to prevent Mueller from handing down indictments, it will not prevent the evidence from coming to light, and it sure as heck will not have an affect on that grand jury that convenes in Washington DC.

The GOP’s behavior is a signal of defeat, they are conceeding that Trump is most likely finished, everything we are seeing now is about the fight that is coming, not that one that is here.

Mueller is sitting on something big, information that is damaging enough to risk entire careers over.

History will not look favorably upon the GOP, or the media members that engaged in this charade, clearly the biggest threat to democracy is not in Moscow.

It’s in Washington DC, the GOP controlled Congress is a threat to all of us, and they have become a threat because they all believe the President is guility.

The GOP will pay dearly for all of this at the voters box in November, they have proven they are unworthy of public trust, and are much more interested in serving themselves.

Mueller meanwhile is smiling ear to ear, he has gone about uncovering everything that happened, and can only be encouraged by the fearful reactions of Trump, and his allies.

If Trump were innocent, if he had nothing to hide, if everyone in Congress believed in the President, there would be no reason to launch a massive disinformation campaign.

But thats not the case, the yet to be released evidence against the President is so overwhelming, that Mueller has opted to not personally interview the President, or Vice President Mike Pence, he instead has interviewed everyone else.

The impication here, is that Trump is the target of the investigation, that when Mueller comes to collect, he is headed straight for the Oval Office.

On that day, three empires will fall.

The Trump organization, the GOP controlled Congress, and the Trump Presidency.

It will be a checkmate of epic purportions, similar to what Thanos is going to do when Avengers Infinity War hits US theaters in April.

Like Thanos, Mueller has quietly been collecting the materials that will help him in his conquest, and when he does attack, it’s very unlikely that anyone will be able to stop him.

Destiny is about to arrive for President Trump, don’t let all of this propaganda fool you.



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