Sam Nunberg blows off grand jury subpoena, trashes the FBI on CNN


Did that really just happen?

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg was served with a grand jury subpoena by Special Counsel Robert Mueller earlier this week as Russia investigation continues to heat up.

On top of wanting Nunberg to testify before the grand jury that is covened in the interest of investigating Russian meddling in the American election, Mueller is also seeking any and all documents related to Nunbergs communications with Roger Stone, and other Trump associates.

Most people would show up at the courthouse next day hat in hand, in fact everyone else who has been slapped with a subpoena over the course of this investigation has appeared, or been willing to meet.

Nunberg meanwhile has opted to make a spectacle of himself.

In refusing to adhere to a federal grand jury subpoena, Nunberg is in contempt of court, and could go to jail right now.

Nunberg did not stop there however, he subsequently went on four major news shows, and produced some of the most compelling television in years.

Some believe Nunberg experienced a public breakdown, the White House contacted every reporter in America as the drama unfolded, claiming that Nunberg was “drunk or off his meds”.

Nunberg’s stunning claims on CNN were even more dramatic than his loud rebuke of the Justice Department.

Nunberg told a national television audience that Trump was more than aware of the infamous Trump Tower meeting

“No. You know he knew about it. He was talking about it a week before…I don’t know why he went around trying to hide it.”

Nunberg’s breakdown was spread across several platforms, and this is after he blew off the rule of law.

Nunberg is running the risk of humiliating the Justice Department, and undermining the seriousness of the investigation.

When criminal investigators request you to provide documents and/or appear, you do it.

You don’t refuse to appear, and then involve the entire country.

For Sam Nunberg to thumb his nose at the Special Counsel’s office, then show up investigators on terrestrial networks, is the type of behavior that demands a very stern response.

Dollars to donuts?

Sam Nunberg is headed to jail, his performance today has given the FBI no other choice.




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