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Sean Spicer’s media rant was long on wind and short on facts

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The brand new White House press secretary Sean Spicer blasted reporters at his very first press briefing this afternoon.

His rant was unexpected considering the session was viewed as an icebreaker.

Lost in the wonderful commotion of the women’s march, was the fact that the White House was actually operating for the first time under the Trump administration.

The first day was a disaster.

President Trump was less than respectful during his visit to Langely, in which he bragged about his magazine covers, and the vendetta that the media has against him.

He did this with 117 memorialized intelligence officers adorning the walls behind him.

That unto itself was disheartening, but Sean Spicer’s performance in many ways was worse than Trump, and set the tone for an administration that might not be up to this challenge.

These are his opening remarks as the face of Trump’s Presidency, and not only did he address matters that are irrelevant relative to the moment, he failed to be factual with 90% of his claims.

CNN, through their vaunted fact checking service, debunked the majority of the statements in this video.

Honestly, is the Trump administration truly concerned over the crowd that attended his inauguration?

Are they attempting to one up the deposed Barack Obama?

North Korea is getting ready to test an ICBM, millions of Americans are concerned about the prospect of losing medical insurance and the President just signed an executive order that is related to Obama Care, El Chapo was finally extradited to the United States, The FBI is investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. 

Is this the first topic that needed to be addressed?

Sean Spicer did not appear to be a viable spokesman, in some ways, he resembled President Trump.

Loud, but not making much sense, his agenda sounded like something the President would say to the letter.

Spicer’s relationship with the media will sour quickly if he does not clean it up.

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You cannot lecture the media for correctly reporting that President Trump’s inaguration crowd was smaller than both Obama’s inauguration 4 years ago, and the women’s march today.

On top of lecturing the press, Spicer spouted ill prepared facts with unverified sources.

Most of the media still cannot determine the source of the numbers he is citing.

President Trump is intent on fighting a never ending battle with the media until he leaves office, but Spicer’s machinations were eye opening, one of the worst outings a White House press secretary has produced in decades.

If this man is Trump’s mouthpiece, the next 4 years are going to be interesting.





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