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Stormy Daniels being “physically threatened” by a sitting President is terrifying

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The tale of Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump took an unbelievable turn this week when an attorney for Daniels told several news shows that the performer has been physically threatened to keep quiet about her alleged affair with the President.

These threats have allegedly taken place during the Trump Presidency, Daniels is alleging that the leader of the free world is threatening(through henchmen) to physically harm someone because they have dirt on him, but only after giving the person $130,000 to keep quiet.

The circumstances of that transaction are not only worrisome, but in complete violation of election laws.

Trump paid the porn storm serious cash days before he was President, he had her sign an NDA, all of this took place in the dog days of the election.

There is also the issue of Trump’s lawyer using his own money, and incorporating a shell company to push the payment through, but we can revisit that another day.

Daniels sued Trump a couple weeks ago claiming that he had violated the NDA, and she was free to talk, but wanted to do so with a court order.

Fair play there.

From that point it has been absolute chaos, the Daniels story is becoming a bigger problem for the White House than the Russia investigation, because it’s pretty clear Robert Mueller will need some more time to thrown down his hammer.

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The Daniels story is right now, and it will really get juicy on March 25th, when the performer’s highly anticipated interview with 60 minutes will air.

During that interview, she will profile her relationship with the President, and provide details about the threats made against her.

It will be extremely compelling, and could lead to serious criminal exposure for people we don’t even know about yet.

If Daniels can actually prove, that the President of the United States is directly tied to the physical threats made against her, law enforcement will have to get involved.

Nobody is above the law, not even a lawless President.

Trump allegedly using his henchmen to physically intimidate a private citizen into silence is terrifying.

If true, the President is essentially behaving like a gangster, and must be removed from office immediately.

Trump’s issues with women, and allegations of abuse stretch around the block, and he has found a way to keep them silent, or pay them off.

He also has dodged presumed landmines, such as the Access Hollywood tape, or the dozens of women that have levied allegations against him.

In Daniels, Trump is faced with a situation that he can’t buy his way out of, he has zero control over her, and her ability to destroy him.

That’s why he sued her for $20 million yesterday, he claims he never had an affair with Daniels, but still is suing her to keep her silent.

How much sense does that make?

Trump also filed a motion to move the the case to federal court, which is foolish because the countersuit will most likely be dismissed.

If it’s not dismissed, President Trump will have to deal with discovery, which could compromise his operation in ways he never imagined.

In the meantime, what does Stormy have on Trump?

Who knows, but the President is worried enough about it to fight her tooth and nail, and make reckless legal decisions in the process.

Dollars to donuts?

Stormy has some information that is real bad, and the world is going to find that out on the 25th.



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