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The Devin Nunes memo is released

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House Intelligence Committe chairman Devin Nunes released the infamous GOP memo that he has been teasing for weeks.

The memo had become a massive story thanks in large part to the President, and his relentless campaign to discredit the FBI.

As reported yesterday, this memo was seen as a problem on several levels.

  1. It allegedly contained “glaring ommissions that paint a false narrative” according to the FBI


2. The FBI and the DOJ openly opposed it’s release out of fear that it could compromise active investigations

3. The clear intention of the memo is to discredit the probe into Russian interference in the election, and taint  Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

4. Devin Nunes himself altered the document after it has been approved by his committee, but did not inform the committee of his actions before sending the memo to the White House

The memo was released to the public Friday afternoon, and any hope on the part on the Trump campaign that the memo would discredit the Mueller investigation flew by the boards.

The memo was mostly met with laughter, it indeed paints a false narrative under the premise of a strawman argument, some believe the document is a shamful chapter in the entire recorded history of Congress.

The memo argues that Christoper Steele, the author of the hotely debated Trump Dossier, is a democratic operative that is behind the entire investigation.

Wrong, Steele is a former spy turned consultant that was contracted by the research firm Fusion GPS to investigate possible ties between the Kremlin, and the Trump campaign.

Other than that?

The entire Memo was about FISA applications, to call the document a dud is an understatement, and yet again the President of the United States appears to be frantically grasping for excuses as Mueller’s investigation closes in on his office.

Chairman Nunes meanwhile will be under intense public and legal scrutiny moving forward, it appears he is using his incredible position of influence to obstruct an active investigation, even going as far as to alter a classified document.

The memo falling flat on it’s face is a defeat for the White House, and a self imposed one at that.



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