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The firing of James Comey will go down as a watershed moment in political history

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As reported on this website yesterday, FBI director James Comey was dismissed by President Donald Trump because he “wasn’t doing a good job”.

Comey’s firing wasn’t professional, it was political, and personal.

Comey has certainly been involved in controversy during his time as FBI director, but the timing of his firing has rocked Washington DC to the core, and indications are Trump’s Presidency may never recover.

This was shocking reversal for a President that praised Comey for having the “guts” to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server 11 days before the general election.

Sources have indicated that Trump was considering this move for months, and really started to contemplate it over the last 7 days.


It depends on who you ask.

Trump’s aides have floated the excuse that Comey had fallen out of favor with both the Democrats, and the Republicans due to his high profile involvement in the 2016 election.

The President calculated that because Comey was unpopular with so many different people in Washington, that he could sweep the director under the rug in the same manner that he cast aside former Deputy Attorney general Sally Yates .

Whatever the impetus, the President grossly underestimated the potential political explosion his decision would generate, his exasperated reaction on Twitter is proof enough of that.

Trump is now a man on the defensive, a position he was attempting to avoid at all costs.

Trump truly believed that the American people, and fellow politicians, would not see this as an underhanded attempt to stonewall the federal investigation into whether or not he and his associates colluded with Russia.

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Trump somehow estimated that the timing and the reasoning of this firing would not raise questions.

Why the President actually believed all of this speaks to his sense of reality, and his internal with the concept of honesty.

The President has made huge mistakes, both on the campaign trail, and after he took the oath of office, but this was by far the biggest misstep of his short political career.

Firing James Comey as he was leading an expanding investigation into the White House is the most brazen move America has seen since October 20th, 1973.

On top of the fact that Trump fired the lead investigator into collusion between his administration, and Russia, there is a series of events before Comey was fired that have cast an unbelievable shadow over Trump’s Presidency.

  1. Comey asked lawmakers for more funds as the investigation into President Trump and his aides was expanding, a bad sign for those being investigated.
  2. Comey was scheduled to testify in a closed door hearing on Thursday, a hearing in which he likely would have provided lawmakers with a solid update.
  3. Comey refused to go on the record and absolve the President of any wrong doing during his testimony last week.

Another matter to be examined is the letter that Trump had delivered to FBI headquarters.

He did not call James Comey, or alert him, he waited until the director was in Los Angeles California to drop the bomb on him.

There was notice, the media knew about the firing before Comey did.

This was a brutal and very public execution.

But the letter might be the strangest part of the story.

Attorney General  Jeff Sessions, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein cited Comey’s handling of the Clinton email investigation as the reasoning for his firing, but that raises eyebrows because they rendered this decision on May 10th 2017.

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Adding to the oddity of the documentation, was Trump stating in his letter that “even though you told me 3 separate times I was not being investigated, I nevertheless concur with the Department of Justice”

Trump’s statement raises questions

  1. Why did he need to know if he was being investigated 3 separate times? Not the actions of an innocent man, and it’s improper for him to even be asking those questions.

2.  James Comey was fired for his handling of the Clinton email investigation, but Trump for whatever reason felt compelled to inject to the Russia investigation into a termination letter

3.  Trump is citing the judgement of the DOJ, but his Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any involvement in Russia investigation, so that statement alone creates so much suspicion it’s almost scary.

The President has a serious problem, he can fire the entire US workforce and this problem will still be front and center.

It appears that anyone who investigates ties between the Trump administration, and the Russian Federation is either fired, or attacked on social media and Fox News.

Sally Yates merely scratched the surface, she was fired before she could dig her claws in.

New York Attorney General Preet Bharara was tasked with investigating elements of Trump’s administration, and he was fired, and this is after he was given a personal vote of confidence by the President.

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James Comey went beyond both Yates, and Bharara, he was in the middle of an investigation that almost certainly has uncovered incriminating information about President Trump, and or his aides.

The investigation was doing so well, that the FBI actually needs more money, and more agents assigned to the case.

Comey asking for more money was confirmation to the White House that the FBI has discovered some fire to go along with all this smoke.

Comey is not a loyalist, the man is not a sycophant, he could care less who likes him, or who approves of how he does his job.

This superlative made him the most important person in Washington DC before he was fired.

Elizabeth Warren, Adam Schiff, they are effective politicians, but not people of action.

They talk way more than they investigate, Comey was clearly the biggest threat to Trump’s Presidency, and he was most likely fired because he was doing a tremendous job drudging up all of the dirt that America has been waiting to see.

Any relief that Trump intended on feeling after firing Comey evaporated when America finally realized that the President is willing to do anything to keep investigators away from his team, and the full scope of their machinations over the last year.

The President has spent the last week attacking the media, James Comey, Senators, and anyone else that dare question his ties to Russia, and the integrity of his aides.

The President is acting like a boy king, an individual that wields his power to serve his own interests at all times, but this is not a monarchy.

It’s a Democracy, and Trump just challenged America to define itself.

Which the country will now do.

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We have an irresponsible, impulsive, fragile bully in the White House, and even in the face of record low approval ratings, a federal investigation into his team, and the withering support of Americans on both sides of the aisle, Trump still makes feeble attempts to distract us, to alter the narrative.

Firing Comey represents a massive lapse in judgement, this was a self serving emotional decision, and now he could pay for it with his political career.

The President does not have much use for the American way, or progressive thinking, the fact is, he does not respect any of us.

He proved that this morning when he paraded a Russian diplomat in front of cameras this morning, the same Russian diplomat that is a subject of a federal investigation into Russian meddling.

Even if the President is innocent, why create the appearance that Russians and the Trumps are swimming in happiness this morning?

Why even take a chance at creating that perception?

That was the last man America needed to see in the White House today, and the Trump administration could care less.

So what we have, is a President that does not respect justice, the media, minorities, or any institutions in this country that do not serve his interests 24/7.

The President will now seek to shut down the investigation into his team, and their actions, but he better tread carefully.

If the President cannot prove gross negligence, or some type of malfeasance on the part of James Comey, he will most likely be impeached.

Because he is such a proud man, he would resign before being thrown out of office.

Just like Nixon.




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