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The Flynn whistleblower story could have historical repercussions

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Ranking democrat Elijah Cummings published a stunning letter  Wednesday afternoon.

In a letter to his Republican counterpart, Cummings revealed that just 11 minutes into the Trump Presidency, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn texted his business partners informing them that plans for a nuclear reactor in the middle east was a go.

The proposed project would have been a joint US/Russia venture, and “made alot of wealthy people” according to whistleblower.

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“Flynn directed Alex Copson, managing director of ACU Strategic Partners, to inform their business partners “to put things in place.”

The whistleblower also says that Flynn assured Copson that U.S. sanctions on Russia that could block the nuclear project would be “ripped up” once Trump was inside the White House.

The unnamed whistleblower came forward in June amid media reports about Flynn’s activites, but the information is only coming to light now because of the conflicts with Mueller’s investigation.

Elijah Cummings is demanding that Flynn and Copson be subpoenaed to testify about the alleged communications, and what has transpired since.

The unverified account paints an ugly picture, and raises all sorts of new questions.

The reactors would have been built by Russian contractors that are currently under US sanctions,  and the plan called for numerous sites of development.

This plan would have been a direct threat to world peace, and created a dangerous atmosphere in the middle east.

It also would have been a serious windfall for the concerned parties, the motivation for such a project was money.

Which high ranking member of the Trump administration gave the go ahead for such a plan?

The idea that Flynn would confirm this deal minutes after Trump was sworn in demonstrates how corrupt the current administration was before assuming power.

Such a directive seemingly could only come from the President himself, Flynn sharing that information during the inauguration speech would mean he was given the confirmation the weekend Trump was preparing to be President.

This story could widely be viewed as one of the worst acts committed by a sitting White House administration official in history.

Flynn promised that US sanctions would be “ripped up”, that the United States was willing to be party project that would net billions for Russian oligarchs, and who knows who else on the American side of things.

This story is a disaster for the Trump administration because someone in that White House approved this plan.

Even worse, Mueller knew about it, but decided that the information Flynn offered as a condition of his plea deal was of more value of the investigation.

This does not bode well for the President of the United States, or Vice President Mike Pence.



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