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The media and intelligence community destroyed the White House on Friday

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In case you were not paying attention, Friday was one of the craziest days in political history.

With this particular White House administration, a week often feels like a month because it’s bombshell after bombshell.

Look out below at all times.

Yesterday itself felt like a week, every time this newsroom started a story a new one popped up.

It’s exhausting this scandal, and it has not even percolated yet.

It’s so ironic the President claimed he was going to “drain the swamp”, that he would be a freedom fighter for the silent majority, and restore this country to the all powerful global cornerstone it once was.

Make America great again” he told his base.

He instead has made country weaker than it has been in almost 100 years.

Tastie Fish has had reservations about covering this dumpster fire too in depth, readers have expressed the view that we stay away from “covering President Trump every day”.

But with days like yesterday, we have no choice!

The following stories all broke on Friday afternoon, and left Donald Trump’s political career in tatters.

  1. The New York Times revealed that President Trump, on February 14th, told the now infamous Russian envoy of Sergey V. Lavrov and Sergey I. Kislyak, that departed FBI director James Comey was a “nut job”, that dismissing Comey took “great pressure” off of him, that “he no longer is under investigation” among other statements that twisted reality, and cemented the appearance that he is guilty of obstruction of Justice


2.  The Washington Post reported that a senior advisor to the President is a person of “significant interest” in the ongoing criminal and counter intelligence probe into Russian meddling in the American election. That means someone walking the grounds of the White House is considered to be a potential co-conspirator with Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. “Who is it?” was the question of the afternoon. Sessions, Bannon, Kushner, someone in that crew is looking at a grand jury, and could prove to be a star witness against the President. The FBI could move on this person at anytime.


3.   James Comey, who has demonstrated the tactics of a mastermind this week, piled on by announcing that he will testify before the Senate Intelligence Community sometime “after Memorial day”. Comey has been quite the cagey customer since he was ousted from the FBI. Leaked information within his memos, but not the actual memos in an effort to get Congress to ask him to testify.  Mr. Comey has been leaking information like broken tail pipe, the information will only keep coming, the President needs to will be under incredible pressure to admit wrong doing from here on out.


4.  According to CNN, White House lawyers have begin “researching impeachment”, which made people’s hair stand on up their head. There has been no hearings, no indictments,  special prosecutor Robert Mueller has not even gotten his feet wet yet. The story indicates that either the FBI investigation is closing in on an arrest, and potential Obstruction of Justice charges against the President, or, Trump’s staff knows whatever he has been hiding is about to be revealed. This might have been the biggest story of the day, because clearly the White House knows more than anyone else when it comes to Russian meddling in the election.

5. The Russians bragged that they could use Michael Flynn to influence the President. This is according to intercepts by the intelligence community and other sources we are not aware of yet. It was also revealed that Flynn has yet to respond to a federal subpoena that request documentation, and other materials in regards to the expanding criminal investigation against him. That act alone is worthy of an arrest, they could take him into custody right now, and ask questions later. Lots of questions, questions he most likely has the answer too.


All five of these stories could be a headline unto themselves, all five narratives represent political doom for the President, and his surrogates.

Obstruction of justice, treason, sedition, fraud, embezzlement, and this is just with what we know.

We have not seen the memos, the classified information that nobody wants to discuss, the fruits of the FBI investigation, and what about those White House tapes?

The timing of these stories was incredible.

It seems that the very second the President embarked on a 9 day trip overseas, the media, and the intelligence community spilled some serious beans at a time that the White House could do little to stem the tide.

Most of the staff is on the road, these stories were planned in advance, it stands to reason the powers that be were in possession of this information days ago.

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This was an ambush, but a justified one.

The prolific assault on the White House was something out of Star Wars.

Lots of space ships, and a ton of missiles.

Like the Galactic Empire, this brash administration created the rebellion through their own destructive behavior.

After all, the President has attacked the media, and the intelligence community with the temerity of a bed bug, Friday’s takedown was a stunning repudiation of this administration.

Lets say 75% of the government wants this man out of office, that’s what these leaks indicate.

Also, Congress is starting to smell like 1974.

Republican lawmakers have thrown in the towel, and are now acting like the public protectors they were elected to be.

They see the writing on the wall, they feel the heat of the FBI, the media, and other motivated elements of the legal and intelligence community.

They fear what Comey is going to say, and what the full submission of his memos will depict.

They know Robert Mueller is Darth Vadar for real if your a criminal, and he has the full confidence of the American people.

The Republicans are turning on the President, that much is clear by the sudden fantastic cooperation within the Congressional committees that are investigating this controversy.

The President’s base will also feel the heat in the coming months.

They put Trump here, voted for him, supported him when talked about grabbing women by the pussy, or asking the Russians to attack our political infrastructure.

They cheered the President at every inappropriateturn, even now some of them believe protecting this country from all advasaries foreign and domestic is some type of witch hunt.

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Many of them dismissed the Russia story as fake news, and demanded that Hillary Clinton go to jail.

“Lock her up” was the campaign fight song.

They questioned the citizenship of the sitting America President.

Trump’s supporters are attached to this horrid legacy that is taking shape.

Those same supporters will be asked to take the same approach to justice that they did with the Hillary Clinton, in fact they have no choice.

If they TRULY believe in the sanctity of classified information, justice, the independence of the FBI, the prosecution of politicians who abuse the power of the office, if they are truly a red blooded American that loves this country, and want to see it protected at every level of government.

If supporting the President was about ideals, and not the color of his skin, or the size of his bank account, then we should see a unified anger in this country towards  this white house.

Either your in favor of Democracy, and the American way, or your not.

We are about to find out, there is no inbetween.



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