The Obama legacy will seen in the same light as the Kennedy’s

Today marks the final full day that the Obama family will occupy the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

After 8 years, 2 terms, and everlasting impact, the Obamas will move out tommorow morning, and be replaced by the incoming Trump administration.

The stark contrast between the two men is almost unbelievable, they could not be more different from one another, so there is reason to believe America is going to change drastically under Trump’s leadership for however long he actually remains in office.

This is the end of an era in more ways than one.

The Obama family has represented all of us with grace, decency, and humility.

We take those virtues for granted now, but Trump’s reckless behavior will snap it into focus for us shortly.

President Barack Obama was not the perfect President, but his legacy will make him a political deity in the decades to come.

Socially, politically, there is not much more America could ask from a President.

Not once did he disgrace his office, never was he implicated in a scandal of any kind, and no matter what was thrown his way, Obama remained measured, and professional.

A fantastic public speaker, and a genuine kind man in private, you will be hard pressed to find any American who truly has a problem with the man that Barack Obama was while in office, the  consistent representation he provided for our country.

He was the face of the franchise, and he carried that title with the type of demeanor that most of us miss already.

Obama’s conduct in office is rare, he was the definiton of a people’s President, a leader that the common man or woman could constantly relate too.

Obama was not born into anything, he was not a spolied brat from old money.

Obama worked his way up from the bottom, pursuing his education, and answering the call for public service.

His accession is among the fastest in political history.

His landmark achievement, becoming the first African American President in history, will stand alone as a watershed moment in this country, and God could not have created a person more suited for that responsibility.

Barack Obama is a man after Martin Luther King’s heart, he successfully carried on his legacy, and created his own in the process.

Despite Obama’s accomplishments as President, his tenure was not without adversity.

His successful run to the White House was a breeding ground for anger, racism, and discontent.

There were citizens in this country (Not saying any names) that could not stand the idea of a black president, and they hid behind incongruent issues with his policy decisions, or his efforts to pass the affordable health care act.

Obama’s Presidency represented progress, and that is scarier than Godzilla to a large portion of this country.

The Tea Party, the Alt Right, all the organizations that magically popped up in wake of a Black President being elected was not an accident.

Obama stared all of this down with a smile,  and did not let it disrupt his mission to lead this country.

The fact that he never allowed the backlash to his election to spill over is a testament to the man that he is.

Obama is a modern JFK, from the way he carries himself, to the countless number of powerful speeches he produced during his time.

Obama also managed to preside over this country without entering a single war.

Obama is a peacetime President by defintion, in Italy, they called it a Pax Romana, when a leader avoids major millitary conflict, and improves the lives of the common citizen.

When a leader improves the economy, and creates jobs, while inspiring citizens to better themselves, that leader has lived up to his obligation.

There is no other way to look at it, we could not have dreamed of a better result when we elected Obama in 2008.

Obama is supported by his wife, who might go down as the greatest first lady of all time.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, and Michelle Obama.

That has a nice ring to it.

Michelle Obama might among the most respected public figures in the world today.

Her message of tolerance, peace, and love is right in line with her husband’s platform.

From Wikimedia Commons

Michelle Obama is represents what America is all about.

She is a self made woman, she did not rely on ANYONE to pave her way, and she is not a fame seeker, the woman was much more interested in the good of the people than her own brand.

Beautiful, strong, and a true intellectual.

There are many who would have voted for Michelle Obama  this past November, and with good reason.

She had more stage presence then either nominee combined, and she seemed much more in tune with the country than either Donald Trump, or Hilliary Clinton.

Michelle Obama will go on to change the world, she could even be President if she truly wants it.

The two Obama daughters are already power brokers in this country, either of them could go on to political office, or the elite levels of the private sector.

Both of them handled their extraordinary circumstances extremely well, and found the time to grow as women in the process.

What we have here is the perfect family, it was like the Cosby Show, but it took place at the White House.

The Obama legacy is no different than the Kennedy legacy, except the Obama’s served two full terms, and had more of an impact on America, and the global community.

Mr. President, Michelle Sasha, and Malia, we will miss all of you more than you know, we have been blessed to have such a special family lead this country.

God Speed, and good luck!!




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