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The Trump Presidency is self destructing before our very eyes

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President Donald J. Trump’s appears to be on borrowed time.

The utter chaos of his White House has become a sitcom, a parody, the running joke at the water cooler.

But there is nothing funny about the developments for a rogue of a politician, who has pushed the envelope at every turn during his time in office, and rarely apologized for actions and words that have negatively impacted citizens all over the globe.

Trump’s plight is directly tied to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, which has reached the point of no return, and could be poised to break the back of the White House.

Anyone who has access to the internet, or a television, is well aware of the legal circumstances threatening to change history like never before.

Robert Mueller is now playing offense, he has remained silent during the relentless campaign to discredit him, his investigation, and every relevant official at the Justice Department.

Mueller has indicted presumed felons, engendered guilty pleas, flipped witness, and published scathing indictments that would make any criminal shake in their boots.

The most astonishing aspect of Mueller’s legal rampage is the fact that this is just the begining.

Mueller is going after Trump much in the way he would go after a mob boss, an argument that this writer presented roughly a year ago.

Bust the lower level guys that can’t make bail, charge them with anything you can find, and force them to cut a deal in exchange for testimony against the boss.

That boss is Donald Trump ladies and gentlemen, he is the target of the investigation.

Mueller has most likely already met the prerequisite for obstruction of justice charges, but depending on Trump’s knowledge of communications with the Russian Federation, or Wikileaks, he could be looking at far more serious crimes.

Forget about impeachment, Trump could have the type of exposure that sends you to federal prison for a long time.

The weight of this impending storm has rocked the White House, the infighting is more intense than the external pressure.

Rob Porter was fired after it was revealed he beat up both his ex wives, but the White House only took action when the allegations tapped the mainstream.

Hope Hicks is gone, one day after telling Congress that she was instructed to tell “little white lies for Trump”, the aide most trusted by the President is set to bounce.

Jared and Ivanka Trump are in the midst of a nightmare, America has not fallen in love with them like they hoped, and the legal investigation into Russian meddling is directly tied to their fortune, and their future as players on the world stage.

And oh yeah, Trump is sick of them, and wants them to go back to New York.

If you look at a picture of the Trump administration a year ago, and you look now, it’s stunning.


Chief of Staff John Kelly has gone off the reservation, a once widely respected man has depreciated into one of the most polarizing white house staffers ever, and openly has discussed quitting, but holds onto his job because he truly is the only adult in the room.

The gathering storm has all but destroyed Donald Trump’s Presidency, the first family has finally accepted what most of America already knew.

Donald J. Trump was unprepared for this responsibility, he failed to realize the scope of what it means to govern, the Trump administration also believed that the rule of law does not to apply them, and that misconception has damaged the era of Trump beyond repair.

Mueller is sitting on a truck load of information that has yet to be revealed, Congress is conducting it’s own investigation, and numerous members of Trump’s presumed inner circle have flown south with the geese.

Vice President Mike Pence is no ace in the hole, the fact that Mueller has not asked to interview him, or implied that he is of interest is scary to everyone involved.

It’s over, we are watching the Trump Presidency self destruct before our very eyes.




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