TI’s attack on Lil Wayne over Black Lives Matter was racist and hypocritical

From LW
From LW

Social media errupted 4 days ago when legendary recording artist Lil Wayne conducted a candid interview with Nightline news on ABC.

Many observers took issue with his approach to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter is an influential social advocacy group in the United States, over time, the group has become one of the premienemnt social organizations in the world.

The message they spread is simple, the reception of that message often is not.

On the surface, many believe the group to be a watered down version of the black nationlist movement we saw in the 60’s, but anyone with a history book knows that BLM is cut from a different cloth than the Black Panthers, or the Nation of Islam.

By and large, they are seen as a peaceful organization, but that has not prevented them group from becoming a huge component in regards to the ongoing national debate on race.

Lil Wayne had some interesting thoughts on the organization, and his personal obligation to the movement.

From CNN

The rapper said Black Lives Matter “just sounds weird.”

“I don’t know that you put a name on it,” he said. “It’s not a name, it’s not ‘whatever, whatever,’ it’s somebody got shot by a policeman for a f**ked up reason.”

He also added “I’m a young, black, rich mother****er. If that don’t let you know that America understand.”

The response to Waynes commentary has been downright ugly, in fact, some in the African American community have challenged his “blackness” simply because he expressed an opinion.

An honest opinion.

Atlanta based rapper TI, went bannas on Instagram when he got wind of the comments.

TI just released an EP that is based around the election, and being black in America.

The album is fire, and TI spit some more flames in Lil Waynes direction

From Spin

“I don’t know what you goin thru, or what you are attempting to avoid but this shit is absolutely unacceptable!!!!,” T.I. wrote.

@liltunechi This is my son & daughter showing me this for the first time & asking me what you mean? I'm at a complete loss of words here. Wayne I've known you over a decade. Our daughters grew up together practically. Reginae' spent countless times at my house with Niq-Niq when you were in prison & you extended my daughter the same courtesy when I was in the same position. Our relationship outside of music is what makes me sensitive to your disposition. I KNOW you wired a bit different than most other responsible adults, but still nigga U TRIPPING!!!! I don't know what you goin thru,or what you are attempting to avoid but this shit is absolutely unacceptable!!!! You're disrespecting yourself,bringing shame on your family name & tarnishing your legacy. You have children (including mines prior to now) that have looked up to you. You have sons & a daughter that depend upon your leadership. Bro if you don't stand for something out here,all the money,jewelry,cars,mansions bandannas & hit records don't mean shit!!!! Our people are being oppressed!!! We are being hunted,captured & slaughtered out here daily!!! You have to get outta that bubble that you've been living in & get out here & educate yourself on what's going on around US!!! I'm always here to share whatever knowledge or understanding I may have to assist your growth & development,but u MUST STOP this buffoonery & coonin' you out here doin. You looking like somebody who has something to gain or lose by pretending like it's not as bad as BLM making it seem & you're not aware of an issue that needs to be addressed. That's what would be considered "Uncle Tom Shit"…. I know U,YOURE BETTER THAN THIS!!!!! I've been proud to call myself a fan & a friend of Lil Wayne ,but if that must end in order to stand up for those who can't do it for themselves…So be it. If you're not prepared for a question in an interview,say No Comment Bro. But stop embarrassing yourself & everyone out here who's been supporting you. There is no middle ground. Oppression knows no neutral party,either you're part of the oppressed,or you with the oppressor. There is no such thing as oppression not affecting you. It's #USorELSE out here

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“You’re disrespecting yourself, bringing shame on your family name & tarnishing your legacy. … If you’re not prepared for a question in an interview, say No Comment Bro. But stop embarrassing yourself & everyone out here who’s been supporting you. There is no middle ground. Oppression knows no neutral party, either you’re part of the oppressed, or you with the oppressor.”

TI has become more socially active in wake of the police brutality that has afflicted the African American community.

His educated perception that African Americans are oppressed is his opinion.

From BSW
From BSW

But these comments were bigoted, he was coming from a good place, but he ended up sounding as ugly as Rush Limbaugh.

TI complains about racism in America, but this Instagram post is racist.

He is perpetrating the very social issues that he is complaning about.

TI also insulted his own people.

He used the term “Uncle Tom”, which is a term used within the black community to describe an African American who acts like a white person.

The term at root is self defeating, and bigoted, it gives the impression that all black people are required to be myopic.

It implies that African Americans should not be educated, elightened, or have opinions that go against the grain, if they do, they must be white.

The very implication is in contravention with the civil rights movement, which called for the ADVANCEMENT of the minorities, not the regression.

Martin Luther King, Medger Evers, the founders of the movement did not want the black community running in place like a hamster.

Back to Lil Wayne.

All of these supposed advocates on social media, the rappers and entertainers that attacked Wayne for his honest opinion, need to take an accounting of themselves.

If you truly had a problem with what he said, perhaps your the one being racist, and it might help you to remember that this is a free country, and Lil Wayne did not break any laws by stating his opinion.

It’s also interesting that a certain segement of the population considers any black person not in full support of BLM to be white.


How ignorant and seflish is that point of view?

It’s worse than that.

Its racist.

Nobody in this country is in any position to tell ANYONE what to think, feel, or say.

BLM has a right to advocate, Lil Wayne has a right to disagree with the concept of the organization.

This is America remember?

Everyone has a right.




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