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Trump in trouble: Is the President Elect destined to be the new Richard Nixon?

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President Elect Donald Trump held his eagerly awaited press conference this morning.

After not holding an open media conference for over six months. Trump finally faced the media, and the endless amount of questions that have piled up over the course of his self imposed blackout.

To many, it seemed that Trump was avoiding questioning because he didn’t have the answers, and if he did have the answers, they would not serve his efforts to appear honest to the American people.

Adding to the drama of the news conference, was the stunning report that intelligence officials had presented Trump with evidence that Russian operatives had damaging personal and financial information about him.

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The news is a game changer, because reporters have been curious of the impetus for Trump’s extended defense of Russian machinations during the election process, and his insistence on attempting to discredit the intelligence community.

The report is every American’s worst nightmare, because it implies that the Russian federation has leverage on the sitting President of the United States.

The report also alleges high level communication between the Trump campaign, and the Russia government during the campaign.

Furthermore, it was worrisome that Trump had leveled character attacks at the intelligence community even after receiving this information.

The sensational nature of the report clouded the press conference to some degree, important policy questions flew by the boards because of the devastating allegation that Trump had direct ties to the Kremlin while they were actively hacking institutions within the electoral process.

Trump was startled by the information going public, the man standing at the podium today is not the slogan dropping dynamo we are accustomed to seeing.

This Trump looked concerned, and overwhelmed by the moment.

Originally the press conference was scheduled for Trump to explain how he would resolve the conflict of interest issues that were being raised because of his business profile, and the potential harm that could be done to general US policy if the President of the United States was motivated by his personal financial interests.

He actually had scheduled this press conference for the middle of December, and delayed it until today.

While Trump did address how he would handle the conflict of interest issues, the execution was clumsy as some might expect.

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Here are some takeaways from the press conferene

  1. Conceeding that Russia was behind the hacking.

Just in the nick of time. After months of turning a blind eye to the sinister actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump finally stood in front of the American people, and admitted that Russia was behind the hacking.

He did add a caveat, pointing the finger at other countries that hack us such as China.

That’s not good enough, especially in light of the possibility that he could have been potentially influenced by the Kremlin directly.

President Elect Trump has gone to bat for Vladimir Putin for the better part of a year, he has ignored the river of digital evidence indicating that Russia was behind this madness, and he has insulted proud America institutions in the process.

Trump has justified Putin’s actions in Ukraine, Allepo, the Baltic, even going far as threatening to leave NATO, which was music to Putin’s ears.

To admit Russian responsibility now, with the eyes and ears of the law enforcement community tearing his life apart, Trump’s  statement came off less than genuine.

Trump only felt the need to defend America when it served him, and not a second before.

His true agenda is unraveling, of course he is going to give into reason, and sound judgement when he does not have a choice.

Trump has gone beyond merely defending Russia, he has openly advocated for Russian interests.

Check the record, his platform fit Vladimir Putin’s objectives like a jigsaw puzzle, and his constant praise of Putin’s leadership is troubling as well.

Calling the autocrat a better leader than Brack Obama etc.

Trump is in serious trouble, these Russia questions are not going to die down anytime soon, there is too much smoke not to be any fire, and his shaky performance when grilled about it should motivate lawmakers to take a stand.

2. He isn’t really creating a wall between himself, and his business

Trump is a man who enjoys pomp and circumstance, so to demonstrate his commitment to eliminating potential conflict of interests, he produced a table full of documents, that represented all of his holdings in the Trump organization.

These documents sat next to him for the duration of the news conference, but for whatever reason, reporters were blocked from examining these documents by Trump aides.

So the presentation of them was pointless, a movie prop, why would he present these documents for public consumption and then deny access to them?

It made him look less than honest, and a little clownish.

Trump announced he would be turning over the entire company to his two sons, and that he would have no contact with them in regards to the company itself, he announced this through his lawyer.

Trump also plans to donate all foreign profits from his hotels to the US Treasury.

That’s not good enough Mr. Trump.

Despite turning over day to day operations to your children, you still have a vested financial interest in the company, the decisions and the bottom line will afffect you every single day.

It’s impossible to believe that Trump will be kept out of the loop, he is a control freak, an egomaniac, how would he react if the Trump organization started taking serious losses?

Or gains?

Every deal that is made while he is in office, every handshake agreement, anything related to his business will end up being compared alongside his status as President, its a disaster waiting to happen.

Trump has unprecedented conflict of interest issues, he was a very successful business man before he became President.

The man is a billionaire, Trump is an incipent commander and chief, a tycoon with a worldwide conglomerate at his fingertips.

But he made the decision to run for President of the United States, and with that decision comes sacrifice.

Trump’s lawyer contends it’s “not feasible” to sell the Trump organization, perhaps not, but Trump certainly could put his sizable shares in a trust of some kind.

That is feasible, yet the Trump transition team is going to insult our intelligence, and make such a move seem impossible.

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3. His attack on CNN was unprofessional

The news conference had a circus atmosphere at times, with so many questions to be asked, reporters were grinding it out.

Felt like watching a moshpit at a Limp Bizkit concert.

At one point, Trump started attacking Buzzfeed and CNN for reporting inaccurate information.

In some respects, he was right.

Buzzfeed made an unprofessional decision to run a story that has not been sourced correctly, or throughly vetted.

CNN however had nothing to do with that, and was not at any point complict in unethical practices. They reported components of the story that they deemed reliable, and they discarded the rest.

That’s professional reporting, that is the job that the media is expected to perform.

So Trump’s treatment of the CNN, and the on site reporter, was disgraceful, and unbecoming of a President Elect.

On top of that, he won’t even answer the basic questions CNN is asking.

In a statement, CNN took major exception to his behavior, and challenged him to explain what components of the report are inaccurate, they also have asked Trump’s team to comment on this story repeatedly with no answers to be found.

Trump looked shook up by CNN’s report, and lashing out at a media platform supplying the public with important information regarding an elected leader looks worse and worse by the second.

Innocent men do not behave so defensively when pressed for answers.

Just saying.

4. He compared the intelligence community to Nazi Germany

During his continued attacks on intelligence officials, he went as far as to compare them to Nazi Germany on twitter prior to the news conference.

The tweet was dramatic, a sitting President comparing sections of our government to a political party that murdered millions and millions of people as part of a master plan to take over the world.

Given his alleged entanglements with Russia, Trump is tugging on Superman’s cape.

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The intelligence community will be able to determine Trump’s guilt sooner or later, and comparing them to war criminals is only going to invigorate investigators.

Trump’s commentary was false, and inappropriate on many levels.

These are the people he has to work alongside, the citizens that work to protect all of us day and night, Trump’s behavior makes it unlikely any of them are going to want to work with him moving forward.


Trump is in trouble.

The confirmation hearings have been delayed, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle want to investigate his ties to Russia, and there still has not been clarity on how he will distance himself from his business interests.

He also is fighting a losing battle with the media, and he is now rumored to have major league skeletons in his closet.

On yes, he still refuses to release his tax returns.

You get the sense there is much more to come.

Some have compared this to Richard Nixon.

I was having a conversation in my office today with a producer from NPR, she is one of the more astute political minds I have ever met.

Together, we could not find an event in the history of politics that would compare to Trump being removed from office in year one.

Nothing even comes close.




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