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Trump referring to himself as a “stable genius” is beyond the pale

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President Trump is facing waves of scrutiny concerning his emotional well being, his mental fitness to execute the Presidency of the United States.

Many of these questions were already afoot, but the best selling book “Fire and Fury” snapped the situation into focus.

Throughout Michael Wolff’s controversial tell all, there is numerous examples of President Trump exhibiting cognitive issues in his everyday life.

Repeating himself non stop, forgetting the names and faces of old friends, random rage episodes, and a sustained belief that everyone is out to get him.

After attempting to halt the publication of the book with a trio of cease and desist letters to Michael Wolff, the publisher, and Steve Bannon, Trump quickly realized he was only promoting the impending release of the expose.

Now that the book has been released, and it’s contents consumed by the public, Trump’s mental health emerged as the biggest story from the book, and that includes the legal revelations that could play out over the course of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Against this fuzzy backdrop, the President of the United States produces a tweet storm that will only fuel questions about his fitness for office.

It’s so odd to see a man in position of such power this insecure about his position.

The fallout from the book is tearing Trump apart, for the first time mabye ever, his public persona is being openly contradicted by first hand knowledge of his activites.

His press conference today revealed a man that is deeply hurt by both the contents of the book, and what it means for his future as President.

Trump feeling the need to convince America that he is both a genius, and stable, is a shocking indication of how far his strongman image has fallen.

Trump’s power is being weakened by his own behavior, and for the first time in his life, he cannot control the outcome, money won’t be able to buy him out of public evaluation, or Mueller’s criminal investigation.

The Presidents tweeting is a by product of fear, not only of his persona taking a hit, but of the inevitable showdown with an investigation that has been circling him for months.



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