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Trump signs order to move ahead with Dakota Access Pipeline

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President Trump has been a busy beaver during his first few days in office.

Never before have we seen a President so committed to the idea of action within the first few days of office.

He signed an executive order related to Obama Care, he started the process of withdrawing from NFTA, and the TPP (Trans Atlantic Partnership)

He also made a controversial decision regarding aborton.

These are not small cuttings, all of these decisions will have a serious impact on world order.

Today President Trump made the first surprising move of his Presidency, and alienated yet another group of Americans without so much as a discussion.


President Trump has signed an executive order to have the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline move forward after the Obama administration has blocked construction of it following serious opposition.

The crux of the disagreement, is that the land belongs to the Sioux Tribe, as decreed by the United States government in 1851.

This pipeline will run directly through that territory, and according to the natives and respected scientific minds, will have an adverse impact on the enviorment.

The beef over this pipeline hit a boil over the last 5 months as “water protectors” from all over the world clashed with local police on a daily basis.

Many people were arrested, some of them unlawfully.

People were hurt.

It was an ugly situation that the President Obama put the kibosh on after pressure from both sides to intervene.

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President Trump is unconcerned with truth, or justicein this case.

He did not even invite members of the Tribe to the White House, or even offer a conference call, he just unilaterally ignored their pleas, and moved ahead.

Trump signed off on this project moving forward within days of taking office.

It was a top priority for Trump it appears, he has been President for less than a week.

The question is why?

Why would the President focus his attention on a domestic issue that could easily have waited a month or so?

The simplest expalnation, is that he is invested in the project being completed, and now as President, he is making sure his investment grows.

This is what exactly what everyone was afraid of, precisely why a Trump Presidency might not see the full 4 years.

He used his executive power in a manner that could create a conflict of interest.

Trump’s motivation for signing the order will be called into question because of the stock he owns in Energy Transfer Partners, and Phillips 66, two companies who are invested in the completion of the project.

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This decision fattens Trump’s Wallet, and makes money for people that he is in business with.

As the sitting President of the United States, this alone is an impeachable offense.

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What happens now will be interesting, because it’s doubtful the protestors will be pleased with this result.

Demonstrating, legal battles, this is just getting started, but Trump’s reasoning for doing this needs to be explored.




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