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President Trump’s investigation into voter fraud should start with Steve Bannon

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President Elect Trump, after claiming that he lost the popular vote because of massive voter fraud, has actually announced that he intends to instigate an investigation into the practice.

He makes this decision with no evidence, and zero reasoning for doing so.
His press secretary Sean Spicer claimed that Trump had been presented with “studies”that leads him to believe the election was a fraud.

This investigation is about the President, and his ego.

He warned his supporters of a rigged election, won that election, and somehow is still claiming the process was less than cogent.

Trump’s selfish need to win everything by 1000 miles is the impetus for this foolishness.

He refuses to accept that Hillary Clinton smoked him in the popular vote to the tune of millions of Americans, and is so thin skinned, that he refuses to let it go.

The only reason Trump is President is the loop hole known as the Electoral College, all of us can agree on that.

This all has eaten Trump alive inside, and the media is only too eager to poke the bear.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, Trump stoked the fire again, claiming that as many as 5 million Americans voted illegally, and that he planned to get to the bottom of it with this official investigation.

He made this statement through a spokesman, and again declined to provide proof of his claims.

President Trump is concerned with illegal votes in the United States, but not the possibility of it in his own cabinet.

It was reported earlier today, that Steve Bannon, a top advisor to Trump, and a mouth peice for the Alt-Right, is actually registered to vote in 2 different states which is defintion of voter fraud.

Perhaps the President should clean up his side of the street, or stop throwing stones from a glass house?

The irony of the situation would be impossible to make up.

As of now, the most tangible evidence we have of voter fraud according to Trump is Steve Bannon.

While it’s legal to be registered in two states, Trump stated that he wants to investigate how many people out there are doing it.

Perhaps the investigators should start with him?



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