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The cowardice of Congressional Republicans is astonishing

From Twitter

President Trump is a runaway freight train.

He is smashing, and crashing respected America institutions into the ground.

His administrations alleged tied to Russia have created an unprecedented political firestorm in Washington DC.

In 4 short months, Mr. Trump has compiled a resume that goes beyond any President before him, the consistency, and the intensity of Trump’s mistakes is extraordinary.

He has tested every limit, pushed back on seemingly every facet of democracy, and he has done it with a sneer.

He has become so forgone, that observers are questioning his mental and emotional fitness to be President.

President Trump has done most of his damage on Twitter, the social media engine is a conduit for his madness.

Accusing Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, implying that he has installed listening devices in the White House, firing FBI director James Comey “because this Russia stuff is a fake story”, Firing Sally Yates because she was asking to many questions, praising Vladimir Putin constantly, threatening his opponents.

The list goes on and on, the President acts like a man who is beyond the law, and this latest snafu involving his mystifying decision to declassify sensitive  information to a hostile foreign power is par for the course.

During that same meeting with Russian officials, the President excluded the American media while including the a state operated Russian news agency, who then published photos of the mini summit, humiliating the White House, and the American press core.

That photo-op looks horrible in retrospect, and the Russians are laughing all the way to the bank.

With every transgression, every scandal, the silence of Congressional Republicans is as repugnant as the behavior of the President.

They all are sticking their heads in the sand, and allowing this President to stain the institution of Democracy out of some twisted sense of party loyalty.

A key to Richard Nixon being ousted from office was the wide spread cooperation between Republicans, and Democrats.

That is not the case here, the Republican controlled Congress has obstructed the investigation into Trump at every turn, and spurned calls for a special prosecutor.

The Congressional Republicans are party to this farce, they allow it, they feed it, the majority of them do not have the backbone to stand up to this President.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Linsey Graham, the truly influential conservative leaders are losing credibility at breakneck speed.

When Comey was fired, where were they?

From Twitter

When the White House gave phony excuses for that firing, where were they?

When Trump admitted he fired Comey over Russia to Lester Holt, where were they?

When it broke today that Trump leaked classified information to a country that has landed him in the center of a criminal investigation, where were the Congressional Republicans?.

They are supposed to be men and women of justice, decency, stewards of the American Republic.

They look weak, impotent, and totally unworthy of the public office they hold, there is no way these people should remain in control of the house after the 2018 midterm elections.

They have failed us all.

President Trump is an insufferable pill politically, but he is such because Congressional Republicans allow him to be.



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