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Trump’s cartoon character schtick is becoming more and more authoritarian

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I have ignored 95% of the garbage steaming out of the White House over the last 3 months.

President Trump, and his inner circle, are under siege by the FBI, the criminal inquiry has already sent a man to prison, and is guaranteed to send many more.

Trump has responded to this by attempting to discredit the law enforcement officials investigating him, and waging an all out assault on the American rule of law.

I am beyond it, exasperated by it, the wheels of justice are going to turn at their own pace, frustation with the speed of the investigation has been useless over the last few months.

We have no idea when Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to conclude his investigation into Russian meddling in the general election, and due to that fact, all we can do is sit and watch as the Trump cyclone destroys cornerstone pillars of American society.

It’s frustrating, beyond belief, I have opted not to cover it daily because it drives readers away, people are sick of this sh/t, and as a result, have tuned it out.

Which is why this is all so dangerous.

There is new developments everyday, more and more evidence that President Trump was at the forefront of an international conspiracy to defraud the United States, in cooperation with Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

That is a game changing historical development, but Trump successfully tunes it out with a confluence of smear campaigns, propaganda, and gaslighting.

On a daily basis, he challenges the rule of law, divides the country along racial and reglious lines, and alienates the United States from key allies.

The actions of a dictator.

This has driven me crazy, I am disgusted that a man this emotionally corrupt is the President of the United States, and I grow weary waiting for the meticulous Bob Mueller to make his play.

Tweets like this highlight the urgency at hand here, the President is essentially admitting he is gulity, but plans to absolve himself of any crimes he may have committed.

Why would he consider pardoning himself if he did nothing wrong?

Any latitude that Mueller had evaporated this morning, this tweet might the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Legally, Trump’s tweet is absolute bollocks, he would have trouble naming any respected legal scholars that will stand behind such an argument.

Trump is proposing, that because is the elected leader of our people, he can break the law, and then break the wheel of justice to get himself out of trouble.

He is proposing no accountibility, which opens the door for him to lengthen his term, take over the Justice Department, the list goes on and on until the country becomes an a Stalinist state.

This sequence of events has played out in history several times, at some point this President is going to have to be checked, or this could go far beyond anyone’s control.

Never in Trump’s life has he been held accountable, been in a position where his money and his power have zero currency, he behaves this way because accounitbility is foreign to him, in his mind it does not exist.

He will be knocked off his feet when realizes how serious his behavior is, it will be difficult to stage campaign rallies in a courthouse.

Mueller is hovering, but has yet to strike,  the President has been sprinting from an interview, and sending incoherent messages through his counsel, it would seem the logical course of action is to issue Mr. Trump a subpoena before the summer is out.

Any direct action between September and November will be spun as an attempt to meddle in the midterm elections, the coming election could result in Trump getting impeached if it goes the wrong way.

If the Democracts seize control, the top priority will be to rid the city of Trump, and that proccess could be accelerated if Trump is compelled to testify.

Which is why Trump will go nuts if a major event happens during election season.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has allowed Trumpt to drag his feet, and spread disinformation, for the better part of 6 months, the time has come to act.

Trump’s lawyers will fight the subpeona, to the death, but they will lose, and all of this noise spewing out of Trump’s mouth will be put to the test before a grand jury.

There is no reason to delay this proccess any further, Mr. Mueller has an obligation to the American people to let the President know the game is over.

This behavior cannot be tolerated, Mr. Trump is attempting to normalize authoritarian virtues, which is counter to everything this country is about.

Democracy, the very fabric of our republic, it all hangs in the balance, which is why Mueller needs to pick a fight.

Like right now.






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