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Trump ending DACA is smoke and mirrors, he won’t be President 6 months from now

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President Trump is on the social rampage yet again.

Today’s victims are children of immigrants that were brought to the United States.

Trump is nixing the program known as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”, the legislation was founded in 2012 under the Obama administration.

These children are often called “dreamers”.

President Trump has announced that he is doing away with the legislation that protects these innocent and thriving citizens from deportation.

These children are doctors, lawyers, teachers, productive Americans who made the mistake of being brought to a country that would give them an opportunity to succeed.

Which many of them did.

As is the case with most of the legislation coming out of the White House, this decision targets minorities.

Ending  DACA is bigoted, hateful, and counter to American values.

This decision is meant to hurt, not to help, just like the Transgender military ban, the general immigration ban, the racist Mexican wall that Mexicans are supposed to pay for, the attempt to destroy pell grants which help inner city kids manage college expenses.

After 7 long months, Trump’s legislative agenda is clear.

Remove Obama’s legacy from the record books, and cleanse America of diversity, tolerance. and common human decency.

The victims of this horrendous decision will now be made to fear for their lives, and spend most of the next year pondering the unthinkable.

These amazing citizens will be forced to live and die by the whim of madman.

But I would caution everyone to read between the lines.

This decision will never see the light of day.

Trump instituting a six month delay is by design, because he does not know if he will be President six months from now.

Odds are?

He won’t be, he is under criminal investigation, and the investigation is heating up.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been a busy little beaver in the last week.

He has moved silently, but the career G man has been throwing his weight around, and complicating the President’s life.

First it was revealed he has cooperated with the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman , who is currently investigating top Trump aide Paul Manafort.

The move is brilliant, because Presidential pardons do not extend to state crimes, therefore isolating Manafort, and increasing the chances that he will fully cooperate.

Robert Mueller has enlisted the IRS, and not customer service representives, but the actual financial crimes division, which features the best money cops on the planet.

The FBI knows how to track money, develop records, but the IRS invetigators take the skill to another level, and they have access to endless amout  of information.

Robert Mueller also obtained a shocking peice of evidence, the initial termiation letter that the President wrote to now departed FBI director James Comey.

The letter has not been released, but the details are trickling out.

Legal experts are calling it the smoking gun as far as obstruction of justice is concerned, because it’s a window into the President’s mindset when he fired Comey.

Not only the letter, but the timeline surrounding the letter, the events after White House lawyers killed the letter, that is the crux of the problem.

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In Trump’s actual termination letter to FBI Director James Comey, he stated that he was acting on the recommendation of Rod Rosenstein, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the latter of which had “recused himself from the Rusia investigation” but thats another story.

This letter seems to prove that Trump acted on his own recommendation.

First, the day before these recommendations, Trump met with Jeff Sessions, and Rod Rosenstein in the oval office.

Then magicially, the two DOJ officials publish recommendations that seem to echo sentiments Trump expressed in an unreleased letter merely 24 hours before.

It would seem that Sessions and Rosenstein were acting at the behest of the President, not in the best interest of the country, which sounds like conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Vice President Mike Pence was also aware of this letter, he was in the oval office during the debate over it, but somehow forgot to mention it to the press over the last 4 months.

Those that have been waiting to see if Pence could be criminally implicated in this investigation have an answer.

These are major problems, and the impaneled grand jury investigating these acitivities have the grounds to subpoena everyone involved.

The walls are closing in ladies and gentlemen, Trump and his associates are neck deep.

Watching the prosecution of the Trump administration has been akin to watching the maffia prosecuted, but with a white collar twist.

Anyone who has watched criminal investigations develop knows full well this is not going to end well for Trump, and Trump himself knows the end is near.

The President is terrified.

So he is lashing out, condoning racism, destroying every Obama era program he can while he still has the power to do it.

To the dreamers, keep dreaming, keep living, keep loving, this flimsy announcement was made by lame duck President who is attempting to incite his base to rebel against the system.

Fear not, this dishonorable commander and chief is on his way out, along with his homeboys.

All of this hate filled legislation will go with him, and America will breathe again.






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