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Trumps tweet on Carrier was hysterical

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Donald Trump made headlines this week when kept a Carrier plant in Indiana open, which reportedly saved 1000 jobs.

Many find it odd that Trump is actually making policy decisions before he is sworn in, but then again, he is conducting diplomatic discussions with heads of state while seemingly not even involving the Pentagon, or the State Department.

He is his own regime, he already is acting outside the scope of a President’s powers.

He is representing America before his time is here, which is woefully disrespectful to the current administration.


Trump tweeted earlier today that he was on his way to Indiana.

What’s the problem with this tweet?

The factory in question makes gas furnances, not air conditioners.

I give Trump credit for attempting to maintain his campaign promises, but don’t pat yourself on the back for saving jobs when you cannot even take 5 seconds to find out the nature of the jobs you saved.

It’s also  incredible that Carrier released a statement the day before, in which they cited that the factory will continue to make gas furnaces.

Did Trump even bother to read it?

From the Hill

“A day before Trump’s latest tweet, Carrier released a statement on Wednesday saying: “We are announcing today that Carrier will continue to manufacture gas furnaces in Indianapolis.”

His lack of due dilligence is frightning, this man is going to be the leader of the free world?

His life, and by extension all of ours, is defined by the details, but this new silent majority that supports him does not seem concerned with reason, or logic.

Which brings me to a point that is somewhat unrelated, but I don’t feel like writing another article about Trump for awhile, so I am going to get it in now.

The knock on Trump, and his supporters, is that they by and large are not very intelligent people, that they are bigots, and that they are angry about the first black President.

Barack Obama energized Trump’s base it seems, not Donald.

This is mostly perception, but reality keeps underwriting the notion.

Back to the lack of intelligence.

The Starbucks boycott for example, or the calls to boycott a Broadway show that is sold out for the next two years.

There is a clown element at play here.

From Ween
From Ween

Even the random outbursts we are seeing in public.

There was a woman in a Michaels store in Chicago that went ape sh/t over a 1$ bag, her reaction is offensive beyond belief.

There is no question this was a racial confrontation.

She seems so brave now that Trump is President, would she have done this a year ago?

I think not.

Or how bout that man on the Delta Flight?

What was that?

Or the Klan marches?

Even on internet forums, comment sections, there is a good amount of people who feel like it’s safe to come out from under the rock, and be themselves.

Now that Trump has been elected, we are seeing more and more of these citizens.

It so sad.

This whole time we believed this country was progressing, getting better.

But in truth, people were simply being cowards.

History has shown that bigots are wimps, and they are proving it once again.

This dynamic is more prevelant in America than anywhere else.

The racism here has been hidden, the intolerance was cloaked.

As an African American myself, I notice quite often people are very passive aggressive about bigotry, but it’s always easy to see.

I find it tragic that so many people hid the fact that they voted for Trump, these “supporters” don’t even have the courage of their  own convictions!

They want to vote for a marauding bigot, but are fearful too talk about it?


In four years, when Trump is kicked out of the White House, I would imagine all these loud “supporters” will retreat, but we must not forget what they did when they thought the coast was clear.

We must never forget.




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