Vladimir Putin does not really want a war with the United States


Vladimir Putin is giving every impression that he intends to fight the entire planet if the situation calls for it.

How he reached this point of madness is a matter of perspective, but the country he governs appears primed for an unprecendented war with the West.

Putin is clearly one of the most important political figures of this generation, he rose to power through bloodshed, and has kept a firm grip on the Russian Federation ever since.

His unspeakable anger towards the west was created by the fall of the old Soviet Union.

In Putin’s mind, the greatness of Russia was greatly diminished, the empire that took centuries to build was destroyed without a single bullet being fired.

Putin for his part, has been bouyed by his delusional belief that restoring the Russian empire is essential to his legacy, he is obssessed with how he will be judged by history, and compared to the great leaders of Russia’s past.

This quest has led him down a dark path, and he seems intent on going down with the ship to accomplish his objectives.

Putin is intent on restoring Russia as the preminnent counter balance to the United States, and his resentment of American prosperity has made him one of the most dangerous advasaries America has seen since Adolf Hitler.


Putin has spent the last 10 years building up his miliarty, stockpiling nuclear weapons and consolidating his power while also trampling upon the basic civil liberties that Russian Citizens were able to enjoy prior to his rise as President.

Putin has controlled the media, even murdering journalists when the situation calls for it.

The press in Russia is handcuffed, state run media now rules the day.

He has set limits on Russian business, sometimes outright seizing them if he belives they are becoming to powerful.

He has systematically eliminated all opposition, dissidents, or influential political figures have either defected to his innner circle, or been killed.

Putin spent his first years in office consilidating his power, and now his focus has turned abroad.

He illegally invaded Georgia in 2008, and was met with sharp rebukes all over the world.

He pulled this number during the summer Olympiad in China, which was no accident.

Putin is an opportunist, he is most active when he believes direct reprisal is unlikely.

After sitting on his hands, and continuing to strengthen the Russia millitary machine, Putin started to show signs that he truly is a dictactor with a horrifying lust for power, and glory.


Taking on the entire world at once would not benefit his people in the short or long term, so he instead, has set about dismantling the west one step at a time.

First, he made it clear that Russia would not tolerate former Soviet Republics joining the European Union.

The states that have done have been the subject of threats, even intimidated.

Pundits speculate about his reasoning for invading eastern Ukraine in 2014, and by extension, Crimea.

Word on the street, is that Putin believed that Ukraine was close to joining the European Union, which would have put the West on Russia’s doorstep politically.

The other reason, and mabye the biggest one, is the expansion of NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization sports the most awesome military force on earth, the alliance was created in large part to keep the Russians in check during the first cold war.

Since its inception, many eastern european countries have joined the alliance, and put the squeeze on the old Soviet empire.

All of this has made Putin paranoid, he views the expansion of Nato, and the power of the European Union, as a direct threat to the future of his country.

Which is complete nonsense if your not a megalomanic.

Putin’s adventures into Ukraine had serious repercussions.

Nobody bought into his claim that “ethnic Russians” were in danger, and needed to be liberated.

That’s the same argument the Nazi’s used, and it was as ridiculous then, as it is now.

Because of Putin’s aggressive, and illegal actions, Russia was sanctioned beyond belief, and the sanctions crippled the Russian economy.

The once booming Russian Economy is about as big as Mexico’s.

The federation has been locked in a deep depression ever since, burning through reserves at the speed of light, and calling into question the effectivness of Putins leadership.


Adding to Russia’s econmic woes, was the complete drop of oil prices worlwide.

Crude Oil was Russia’s primary export, all those Russian billionares people talk about were most times tied to the countries stock pile of oil reserves.

Russia depended too heavily on the resource, and it’s now coming back to haunt them.

The western world has located other reserves, relied on natural gas, and completley circumvented Russia’s primary meal ticket.

As a result, Russia is broke, and Putin is angry beyond words.

His country is faltering under his leadership, his ban on imported food has left much of the country starving.

Employment opportunities are scarce because companies cannot afford to expand workforces, instead, these companies have to fire people, or pay smaller wages to keep the lights on.

The businesses that do flourish are commandeered by the Putin’s government, and in some cases, turned directly over to business owners that are loyal to the Kremlin.

Russia is a hot mess right now, and Putin has only one hand to play.

War, chaos, and misinformation.

It’s much easier to blame America, and the West for the complete dilapidation of the Russian system, then to look within, and realize that Putin has no idea how to run a country from an ecomnomic point of view.

He is a former KGB agent, unversed in matters of finance, and balancing a budget effectivly.

Not that he would ever admit this.

Putins anger towards the west, and the desperation of his people, have led the Russian President to make short sighted decisions.

He went into Syria with no intention of brokering peace, or working with regional allies to stablize the government, his intentions are actually much more hostile.

He seeks to create friction, he is eager to make a deal with United States, and propping up the Assad regime is the perfect way to do it.

Because America and the world will never stand for a political leader that uses chemical weapons on his own people.


Putin could care less about the civilians that are dying, or the systematic methods of murder that Assad has subjected his countrymen too.

He claims Russia is in Syria to defeat ISIS, but Russian bombs keep missing terrorist, and instead, are hitting civilian populations.

Putin is no hero, he is not in Syria to save the day.

That’s not what this is about.

This is about Russia being broke, this is about the west recognizing his territorial right to invade Ukraine, and potentially  other Baltic states.

Putin see’s Syria as a barganing chip, and he is playing a dangeorus game in that pursuit.

He conducted negotiations with the United States in bad faith regarding a cease fire between the two actors, only for the Russians to bomb hospitals, and other centers of civilian population.

The Russians are murdering innocent people, yet they have the audacity to be shocked when the United States walked away from the table, and made it clear they had no interest in speaking with the Russians on any level.

Putin by nature is a very insecure man, and minmizing him in any capacity is tantamount to an act of war.

So what does Putin do?

He rips up nuclear disarmment treaties, he damands that the West lift the sanctions against his country, and pay for the damage they subsequently caused.

He might as well ask the United States for the state of California, he would have a better chance of making that deal.

Putin then moves nuclear weapons to the Polish and Estonian borders, weapons capable of hitting Berlin, weapons that can make course corrections in mid flight.

Weapons that are impossible to predict, or control.

Putin than holds an evacuation drill with 40 million Russians that seemed to be preparation for a potential  nuclear strike against Moscow, which implies he is preparing to attack.

State run media has been warning the west that nuclear war is “possible”.

On top of all this, Russian state actors are attempting to influence the US election, and they are so overt about it, and so dishonest after the fact, that Putin is essentially spitting in the face of the United States.

He wants Trump elected, because Trump’s foreign policy proposals are much more in line with the Kremlin’s than Washington’s.


This is all very scary, which is exactly what Putin wants.

He wants to frighten us, he wants us to doubt our own electoral process, and most of all, he wants power and respect.

The good news is, Russia can barely afford to keep it’s country running, let alone a suicidal war with the west.

Russian citizens want no part of the end of the world, and they certainly do not want to see Moscow reduced to ashes.

Putin is no fool, deploying nuclear weapons on civilian populations would be the end of Russia, there would be no turning back.

The countries milliatry is not set up for a prolonged conventional conflict either, in terms of equipment, supply lines, and the general funding of such an endeavor, the country would not recover for decades.

Putin knows all of this, but is fostering fear, and nationalistic rhetoric is the only card he has to play.

But he better be careful.

The Russian people are not evil, and they certainly are not stupid.

If they believe that Putin is leading the down a path that could end in total destruction, he will not only lose his job, he could lose his life.

Go ahead Putin, threaten to pull the trigger.

God help you if you do, because nobody else on this planet will be.

Including your own people.




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