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Watch: Barack Obama and George W. Bush furnished spectacular speeches today

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George W. Bush drew incredible criticism during his time as President of the United States.

Katrina, 9/11, the list goes on and on.

There was a time in this country in which George W. Bush was among the more hated men in America.

Many questioned his overall intelligence, his political awareness, his social conscience, even his moral compass was up for debate.

Not today.

The 43rd President of the United States gave one of the most important speeches of his life  during a George W. Bush Institute event.

George W. Bush was as Presidential today as he has ever been, he somehow has elevated himself socially in the years since he departed the White House.

Bush’s speech is damaging to the Trump White House, the last conservative President in America history just accused the current conservative President of promoting bigotry, hate, and confusion.

He may not have said his name, but the 500 pound elephant in the room was there to be observed.

Bush’s speech was uplifting, Twitter and other social media engines were raving about it, and the adulation was bipartisan.

Meanwhile former President Barack Obama returned to politics Thursday night with his first public statements in quite awhile.

Obama was in Virginia, lending support in an important race for the governor seat.

Obama carefully avoided uttering President Trump’s name, but provided scathing commentary regarding the leadership in this country.

Obama not specifically naming Trump was calculated, Trump has done everything under the sun to denigrate the 44th President, even stooping as low as to publish blatant lies on twitter, question the legitmacy of his citzenship, or tell America that Obama never directly  honored fallen soldiers.

For Obama to not even acknowledge Trump is going to eat the 45th President alive inside because Trump has been craving a public spat with Obama as a means to distract, and Obama simply is not paying much attention to him.

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Even as Trump rubs his name in dirt on seemingly a daily basis.

Obama took the high road today, but made it clear to America that we live in dangerous times, and the current President of the United States is directly responsible for it.

These two powerful speeches taking place on the same day was not planned, they had been scheduled in advance, but the timing is certainly ironic.

Less than 72 hours after Trump accused both men of dishonoring fallen warriors, both former Presidents clapped back in epic fashion.

Trump now has a decision to make because going to war with the last two American Presidents is a battle he simply cannot win.



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