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Watch: Ben Carson “I think poverty to a large extent is a state of mind”

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Housing and Urban development director Ben Carson has managed to avoid major bouts of controversy during his brief tenure as the chief executive of HUD.

Some questioned his fitness to serve on the job when he compared refugees to African American slaves, but Mr. Carson weathered that storm, and has gone about his job quietly.

Which is rare in this administration.

Ben Carson has a habit of meaning well, but sounding bad.

Yesterday, he attempted to speak eloquently about poverty, and yet again found a way to sounds ignorant, and out of touch.

A state of mind?

Carson is implying that people born into poverty, citizens with limited means and opportunities are somehow responsible for their plight.

Poverty does not have to permanent, but Carson is assigning guilt to those that have no control over their environment.

The minority community will see this as yet another troubling mistake by a man who is charged with rejuvenating the inner cities of America.

These statements give the impression that he has no connection to the people he is charged with saving.

It’s terrifying.

Carson would be well served to clarify his remarks, because they were unfair to a large group of people.




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