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Watch: CNN’s Brook Baldwin shuts down Charles Kaiser for using the N-word on her show


CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was put in an uncomfortable spot earlier today.

She conducted a split screen discussion with two political pundits in wake of President Elect Donald Trump finally officially disavowing the Alt-Right.

The panel reacted to the decison, and weighed in on what Trump’s claim to the New York Times means.

Charles Kaiser was the first up to bat, and offered Donald Trump advice with a long winded rant.

During this rant, he made some bizzare statements, including claiming that Trump had behaved like a Nazi at a rally in March.

Kaiser than blasted Trump for hiring Steve Bannon, and also claimed that Bannon had used the word Nigger.

Brooke Baldwin was shaken by the commentary, but kept it together like the professional she is.

You can see the disgust on her face.

Baldwin’s reaction reflects the sophisticated nature of her sensibilities.

She actually allowed Kaiser to finish talking, she had every right to shut him down on the spot, but she permitted  him the opportunity to finish his thought.

Using the word nigger on national televison, no matter what the discussion is about, is always risky business.

The word is so ugly, and so polarizing, that nobody should use the word in any scenario, let alone with millions of people watching.

Brooke Baldwin, and most of America, hate hearing the word in any context.

Brooke was angry, but she was almost emotional, the reaction was touching, she was pure tolerance during the segment.


She did not back down, she did not not to sidestep the issue.

Baldwin made sure Mr. Kaiser was aware of the damage he had done to the show, and she also served notice to future guests.

Black, Red, Purple, or Pink, no matter who you are, don’t you dare bring that garbage on my show.

From CNN

The more I’ve sat here and listened to the fact that somebody used the N-word on this show — it is not okay. It is not okay, Charles Kaiser.

Kaiser then tried to explain his reasoning and choice of terminology.

“I never use the N-word except when I’m quoting someone who’s been appointed by the President to serve in the Oval Office,” he insisted.

For Baldwin, however, no explanation could validate such language.

Visibly affected by the moment, she ended the segment abruptly, further addressing the utterance of a word that is almost universally loathed.

We’re done,” she announced, waving both hands.

It was rousing moment, I personally stood up an cheered.

She held this arrogant journalist accountable, but didn’t totally thrash him, even gave him respect.

Brooke Baldwin was already a star, this piece of televison will blast her into the stratosphere.

She displayed leadership, a battlecry for decency in indecent times.



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