Watch: The video of the Alt Right conference celebrating Trump’s victory is truly scary stuff

From RT
From RT

Brianne Kane was in the office in the other day, and mentioned to me, Sarah Hurwitz, and Hannah Hurwitz that Alt-Right is a soft way of saying Neo-Nazi.

She plans to write more about it, but her commentary stuck with me, because I had thought of that, but never heard anyone verbalize it.

The Alt-Right seems to consist of white nationalists, Neo Nazi’s, the furthest depths of the right wing.

This is America, everyone is entitled to believe what they feel is right, so these bigots can carry on how they see fit.

The problem here is the possibility of group’s idealogy penetrating the highest levels of the White House.

From WR
From WR

This was among the chief concerns that President Elect Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon raised.

So today, the Alt-Right held a conference in Washington DC celebrating Trump’s upset victory.

The language used will make some people uncomfortable, the sight of Americans raising they’re hands in the air while chanting “Hail Trump” is almost unbelievable.

Is this really happening?

It will be difficult for the Steve Bannon to explain this video, because it looks to me like the Alt-Right are not a concerned group of nationalists.

This goes beyond nationalism.

This is racism, and they are celebrating a man they believe is loyal to their cause.



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