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What can we expect from the Million Women march?

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January 20th 2017 promises to be an historic day in American history.

President Elect Donald Trump will place his hand on the bible, and be sworn in as President of the United States.

There are many Americans who have dreaded such a circumstance from the moment Trump announced he would make a run at the White House.

Trump’s destructive campaign appealed to the white working class, and a good percentage of the GOP,  but his policy and statements  targeted minorities, women, and basic principals of democracy.

Trumps victory was met with uproar, the most negative public reaction to a President Elect in history.

Protesters hit the streets in every major American city, Americans felt like the sky was falling.

A large number of citizens still do not consider Donald Trump to be President.

Unless the inpending recount becomes the political scandal of the century, Trump will  be on the stage the day of the inauguration.

The atmosphere in Washington DC that day will be at a fever pitch.

Trump’s right wing voter base will descend upon the chocolate city, ready to crown an emperor.

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From Twitter

Political dissdents will occupy the same space, and inform the Trump administration in one voice that not all Americans have forgiven Donald Trump for his trove of misgivings.

Trump’s treatment of women, as mentioned before, was one of the more shameful hallmarks of his general message.

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From Ween

Trump was accused of sexual assault by over 10 women, he was recorded telling television producers that he grabs women by the pussy, he even labeled women that accused him of assault as unattractive.

As the election progressed, Trump unwittingly became a battle cry for female empowerment, and his victory in the general election did nothing to slow the movement down.

From Twitter
From Twitter

Shortly after the general election, word broke that advocacy groups were planning a large scale march for women in Washington DC the day Trump is sworn in.

The event was named the Million Women march, which pays homage to the Million Man march in the 90’s that drew over half a million African American men.

This march is much more inclusive, it appears to be for everyone, not just women.

Although it must be pointed out, there already was a million women march in America, it took place on Ocotober 25th, 1997.

Some in the African American community feel that the organizers are hijacking the name.

Two different marches with a similar name have already taken place, including a march that was specifically for African American women.

But the black constituency will have to get over it,  this newest march represents everything that those marches did, and in a way, could expand upon the message because the event will be for everyone.

Not just African Americans.

From the Washington Post 

Those participating in the free march in D.C. plan to appear at the Lincoln Memorial at 10 a.m. Jan. 21, to respond to Trump’s inauguration the day before. Though the march is not explicitly opposed to the new president, its description criticizes the election cycle’s language for having “insulted, demonized, and threatened many of us — immigrants of all statuses,

Muslims and those of diverse religious faiths, people who identify as LGBTQIA, Native people, Black and Brown people, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual assault.”

As a young boy, I attended the million march with my brother, and my late father.

It was a positive day, with the exception of Louis Farrakhan being the keynote speaker

I have grown curious about this upcoming march, because many of the women in my life have informed me they plan to go, and I am actually worried about them to some degree.

Perhaps I will go, be a good excuse to visit my mother who lives in the area.

The Facebook Page for the March has been lighting up like a Christmas tree, over 120,000 women have represented that they will attend, and that number is going to skyrocket as the movement gains momentumm.

There is concern however, the organizers of this demonstration will have they’re work cut out for them.

There is the issue of permits, security, and the general location of the march itself.

A rally on the Lincoln Memorial is one thing, but marching is quite another.

Many of the women that plan to attend are unaware that the organizers have not fully formed the agenda as of yet.

From Slate 

The event all these women are shelling out hundreds of dollars to attend is, to put it gently, still in its early planning stages. Given conflicting information from fragmented local leadership and a Washington Post report that the march’s organizers hadn’t requested a permit from the National Park Service as of Nov. 14, some prospective attendees are concerned it won’t happen at all.

“It’s pretty essential that you disclose that if it’s still the case. That would put marchers in danger of arrest and given people all over the country are planning to come I think that’s important transparency.”

This march is less than 2 months away, and the organizers have not yet gotten permission from the city, or coordinated with the police department.

From Twitter
From Twitter

Millions of people (women and men) showing up would be a victory for social progression, and democracy.

But would it be safe?

As of now, the March does not have a route, or even mobile bathrooms.

With so many citizens planning on making the trip, the organizers have to get on top of this, and develop a program.

Or the situation could become chaotic.

From the New York Times

Right now, it looks like some form of the march and rally will happen, though probably not as first advertised. Without any experience planning large-scale events and without anticipating the potential scope of what they were starting, the original creators promised a rally at the Lincoln Memorial, followed by a march to the White House.

The memorial and Lafayette Park—the area in front of the White House where protesters usually gather—are both under NPS jurisdiction, and the agency requires permits for major gatherings.

“This march won’t be the only demonstration in the city that day.

The Alt-Right, the Klu Klux Klan, advocacy groups from all over the planet will be on the streets of Washington DC that day, and some of them can fly off the rails a bit.

Who knows how they will react to a peaceful march that is based on the concepts of equality, and tolerance.

It could turn dangerous quickly if organization is not implemented right now.

This is about safety.

Washington DC, and the Police Department should already be coordinating with the organizers of the Million Women March, and charting the exact plan for the empowered souls that will make the trip.

This march has the potential to be a watershed moment in female empowerment and civil rights, lets hope the organizers keep their word, and give everyone they invited to the nation’s capital the proper stage to be heard.

But above all, it must be safe.

That’s more important than anything at this point.



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