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What exactly did the President mean when he used the term “breeding”

I wanted to unpack a tweet I saw recently that I am having problems digesting.

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For over a year, the President of the United States(and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions) have lobbied to reduce protections for immigrants living in Sanctuary cities.

The Trump administration is demanding full cooperation from the concerned communities, including but not limited too full access to city records and other data that could help the Department of Homeland Security expel citizens they deem to be illegal.

This has all been well docuemented, and the President’s detractors believe racism drives his absurd immigration reform revolution.

The Muslim ban, the wall, President Trump seemingly does not want anyone of color entering this country, his vendetta goes way beyond simple politics, and when he refers to population growth as a “breeding concept”, how else can one interpret his remarks?

It should also be pointed out that overwhelming majority of the crimes committed in these cities are committed by American citizens, not innocent immigrants seeking opportunity.

Trump sees people of varying color or faith as animals, that’s what I took from his tweet,  his terrifying attempts to cleanse the American community are deeply rooted in bigotry, and ignorance.

Through progressive legislation, Sanctuary cities(like New Haven) embrace culture, cultivate diversity, and that clearly is a massive problem for the President of the United States.



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