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What is Donald Trump hiding?

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President Trump has opted to block a democractic rebuttal to the repudiated GOP memo last week that attempted to assert inappropriate behavior by the FBI in the commission of a FISA application that jumpstarted the investigation into Russian interference.

The White House announced tonight  that the President has decided to not declassify the memo out of concerns for “national security”.

Trump’s decision has caused a backlash, because he didn’t seem to have any concerns for national security last week, when he frantically declassified a GOP memo that was blasted by the FBI, along with numerous elements of the national security apparatus.

Many see Trump as a hypocrite, and scoundrel, for a man that is innocent, he is acting like he has something to hide.

Innocent people don’t go to these lengths to keep the truth quiet.

The Adam Schiff memo  intended to fill in the gaps that Devin Nunes(and the White House) conveniently left out of last week’s circus, along with new information that clearly rattled the President.

Trump meanwhile would rather behave like an autocrat, as opposed to an objective unifier of people.

This is America, we talk to each other, discussion is a cornerstone of democracy, and the President of the United States only wants the people to hear one argument, one truth.

That’s not what this country is about, and Trump’s actions tonight make it clear he is harboring incredible anxiety about not only Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, but the search for truth as a whole.

Who is Donald Trump?

Nobody really knows, but investigators are about to spill the beans, and Trump is willing to break the law to stop them.

The Nunes Memo, the ranting and raving about FBI text messages, the firing of James Comey, the firing of Sally Yates, the refusal to release his tax returns.

All of this ties together, it’s one long effort to obstruct the truth.

Trump fears Mueller because he can’t control him, for the first time in his life, Trump is faced with a situation that he cannot buy his way out of, Mueller’s interview with the President is almost upon us, and the President is obsessed with controlling the narrative before hand.

An innocent man does not go about criminal scrutiny in this fashion, most of us would stay  ar away from a crminal probe that involved us personally, let alone attempt to dismantle the organization conducting the investigation.

What is Trump hiding?

Who knows, but the possibilities include money laundering, conspiracy against the United States of America, collusion with Russian authorities, fraud, tax evasion, the list goes on and on.

Trump is willing to go down with the ship, even at the expense of his own credibility, and legal exposure.

Just like Richard Nixon.



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