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Word is on the street is, Donald Trump stole Bane’s speech from the Dark Knight Rises

From Twitter

I had opted not to cover the Trump Inauguration in detail  because I don’t feel the need.

It was dark day in American history, you could feel it,  and I was happily hanging out with my doctor at the time President Trump was sworn in, and gave his address.

Later on in the day, my friend Todd informed me that Trump was being accused of stealing Bane’s speech from the Dark Knight Rises.

Bane is one of the most infamous criminals in the DC comic bookuniverse, and the man known for breaking Batman’s back both in the comics, and the film adaptation.

Although there is everlasting debate about whether or not Batman’s back was actually broken in the 3rd film.


After Todd tipped me off, I took a look myself.

First, I watched Bane’s speech again, I watch the Dark Knight anthology on a weekly basis, and this was a fanstastic reason to continue the tradition.

Bane’s speech takes place at the start of the second act in Dark Knight Rises, his first speech is given to Gotham after he blows the bottom out of the football stadium.

The second speech, the one that Trump may have been inflenced by, takes place the very next day, on the steps of the jail.

I am not going to say for certain whether Trump actually used snipets of a speech written by movie producers, and executed by Tom Hardy, but the parallels are impossible to ignore.

He does not directly quote him, but the tone of the speech, and the message are similar.

While I currently have no desire to summaraize what President Trump means for the future of America, I can laugh at this video, because the two men have quite a bit in common.




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