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Holy Cow: What was that “blue sphere” in front of the sun?

From Inq
From Inq

Curiosity abound.

The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe has not been answered, but the possibility is certainly worthy of examination.

In the last 48 hours, a strange sphere looking  object was spotted in front of our sun.

From Twitter
From Twitter

The object was originally discovered by NASA cameras, and shared by a Facebook User in Mexico named Pamela Johnson.

Johnson is a UFO hunter, the scientisttook photographs of the sphere from afar.

The sphere also seemed to have structure, too sophisticated in nature to be a piece of rock.

The object is huge, absolutely gigantic.

The shocking appearance of the sphere has sent the scientific community into an uproar, and reignited the everlasting theory of extraterrestrial life.


What exactly is this thing?

Where did it come from?

Does it pose a danger to us?

This was not a star or an asteroid, there is nothing to compare it too.

We can only hope that sphere is benign in nature, and does not forshadow unprecedented events.

The situation got flat out weird when the huge object vanished into thin air in a matter of seconds.


From UK Telegraph

“A user added,  ‘I have downloaded the images from SECCHI HI1 and this is strange. This ‘anomaly’ can only be seen on images from 11.17, but there are missing several both before and after its appearance.

But just consider this: The light on the tallest ‘lightrod’ is the planet Mercury. This ‘anomaly’ seem to be behind it…. And Mercury is 4,880 km across…'”

Although the item disappeared from view several days ago, what should we do if it comes back?



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