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Trump uses a cold front to debunk the concept of global warming

From Twitter

President Trump used the bitter cold that is terrorizing the country to debunk the scary concept of global warming, and justify his refusal to fall in line with the rest of the international community.

Global warming is measured in years, not days, the President dismissing a clear and present threat to the planet is sure further isolate the United States from the international community.

Trump’s stanch opposition to global warming is well documented, the President views the theory as an unneeded expense, a frivolous distraction to his agenda.

Mr. Trump has zero to little regard for the scientific community as a whole, he approaches global warming as if it’s a battle cry for scientists, trolling them with baseless statements, and disregarding the glaciers that are melting as we speak.

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Trump’s tweet seemed aimed to take political advantage(and generate a negative reaction) of a dangerous situation, a tactic he has employed throughout his Presidency.

As long as Trump is in the White House, preventing global warming is not going to be high on the priority list, this extremely tone deaf tweet is proof enough of that.



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