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Wow! A massive unidentified sea creature washes up in Indonesia

From Youtube

Many believe the deep ocean the true final frontier for the human race.

That deep murky depths of the seas contain more mysteries than we can possibly fathom.

After all, the ocean is vast, an endless ecosystem that has only partially been explored.

So it stands to reason that there is creatures within that ocean that the human race is unaware of.

The movie Cloverfield drew upon this assumption, that because the ocean is so big, and so deep, that the possibility of extraordinary life is more likely than not.

So when a massive creature that does not seem to fit any animals in the fossil record washed ashore in Indonesia, the global community went crazy with theories, and assumptions.

What in the world is this?

Feel free to take a stab.

Nobody can answer, it’s not a whale, it’s not a giant squid, it appears to be an incipient species, the dawn of a new era.

Hopefully the scientific community will be able to make some sense of this once the body is removed from the water and examined.

In the meantime, imaginations will run wild.



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