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Let me first thank all of the users that have embraced our new site Tastie Fish.

The positive reaction to our new engine has been extraordinary, the popularity of the site has moved much faster than any of us believed possible.

It has also been a joy to read all of the amazing submissions from citizens within our network.

The stunning success of Tastie Fish has accelerated our plans in regards to the planned the expansion of this network.

Our staff has spent the last 3 weeks crafting our next step, and we are pleased to announce that our 3rd website is now in advanced development, and will be coming to a computer screen near you relatively soon.

As part of a planned partnership with a tremendous group of women, Sports Debate Network will be launching a site that will focus on the fashion industry from the female perspective.

But this site will go beyond fashion and trends.

The new engine will also feature home living related content, being a mother, making a home, interior decorating.

S will also address being a woman in the professional workplace, stories of triumph and injustice, tips from successful women including wardrobe must haves.

The new site will feature issues of female empowerment related to business, Tech, Finance, Shopping, and an array of other topics.

Our staff has been working hand in hand with an incredible organization  during the development of this magazine, and we hope to announce a formal partnership  sometime in the next few weeks.

As CEO of Sports Debate Network, I could not be more excited to see this network expand in such spectacular fashion.

I want to thank everyone that believes in us, the support from our community, loved ones, and fans has been truly humbling.

This 3rd site will welcome in an entire new audience to our network, and lay the groundwork for further expansion down the road.

We also are excited to turn this company into something much more than originally believed with the addition of the talented minds that will run this new site, and work with us moving forward to cement our status as a serious player on the new era journalism scene.

Development is underway
Development is underway

I personally want to thank my team, the folks that are actually on the ground floor with me such as Rock Garner, Kayla, and Jon.

I also want to give a shout out to Hannah and Melissa, two of the smartest people I have ever met in my life.

I would be remiss if I did not also thank Pat, who has inspired me at a time I needed it most.


Christian Vick


Sports Debate Network



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