Brianne Kane, Hannah, Hurtwitz, and Sarah Hurwitz

A special announcement from Tastie Fish

Brianne Kane, Hannah, Hurtwitz, and Sarah Hurwitz
Brianne Kane, Hannah, Hurtwitz, and Sarah Hurwitz

Sports Debate Network is pleased to announce that we have started the process of assembling the team that will lead this brand new site moving forward.

Earlier today, Tastie Fish appointed Brianne Kane as the managing director of Tastie Fish, the brilliant writer will assume the position in early 2017.

Brianne will be tasked with running the magazine, administrating the writers, and directly influencing the content stream.

“We have complete confidence in her ability to lead the Tastie Fish property” company CEO Christian James said in a statement “Brianne has demonstrated a unique ability to understand the needs of the user, and the general message of this platform, her amazing sense of justice, and culture, makes her an awesome leader for this team”

Tastie Fish also has appointed Sarah Hurwitz as the assistant director of content.

Sarah will oversee the general flow of the content, and work with the other editors to ensure the quality of the product, while also providing support to the administration, and managing the team of writers.

Sarah will assume this position in early 2017,  company CEO Christian James reacted to the appointment

From Rock Garner
From Rock Garner

“Sarah Hurwitz has produced unbelievable content during her short time with this magazine, her thought provoking articles have impacted our user base beyond measure. Her incredible sense of quality journalism will set the tone for this platform moving forward, and her humble kind manner will provide the proper example for the team of writers set to join.”

Please stay tuned to Tastie Fish!

We will be making a game changing announcement in regards to our development in the next couple days!




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