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Tastie Fish statement on Kodi logo fiasco

From Kodi

Late last night we noticed that the controversial streaming television giant Kodi was sporting a logo that is near identical to our initial drafts of the Tastie Fish logo.

The logo was “produced” by Martijn Kaijser, and published on January 12th.

It currently sits on the homepage  of one of the most popular online services in the world today.

There is concern within our organization, the drafts of our logos have appeared on social media, but in a private setting.

Down to the color scheme, the logo is very similar to the work produced by Rhak Garner.

We want to see this probem resolved in the next 48 hours.

We have directed this request to the formers attention, and eagerly await a professional response, and substantive action.

While brazen, we for the time being are content with the removal of the image, and a viable explanation.

Or we might start asking questions of our own, after all, the amazon fire stick is one of the best stories to be had in the industry of journalism.




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