From Rock Garner

Win free movie tickets from Tastie Fish!!!!!

From Rock Garner
From Rock Garner

Tastie Fish is proud to present our first movie ticket giveaway!!!

We will be running this contest once a week!

The winner of this contest will recieve a pair of free movie tickets to the Criterion Cinema located in New Haven Connecticut.

This contest is only for users that live in the New Haven area, sorry!!

The first user to correctly answer the following to questions will win the prize!!

From Wiki
From Wiki
  1. Please list every Republican President since 1800. Please do so in order. Your answer must be academically perfect.
  2.  Please list the middle name of the last five first ladies to occupy the White House. 

If you want to enter into this contest, please share your answers in the comment section below, and beware!

These questions are more difficult than they appear.

First user to answer the question correctly wins.

Thanks for the playing!!!!

We will present the tickets to the winner next week!




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