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It has begun: Two Iraqi citizens illegally detained at JFK airport

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The invisible hand of President Donald Trump is on the move.

Yesterday, in wake of the immigration order executed by the President, two Iraqi citizens, Hameed Khalid Darweesh, and Haider Sameer Abdulkaleq Alshaw, both of which were in possession of viable visas, were detained by border protection officials at JFK airport in New York.

Trump’s order called for the temporary 90 day ban of citizens traveling from seven countries with a muslim majority.

Trump also suspended adjacent federal programs that process the refugees.

Trump has proclaimed that his order is in the interest of keeping “Radical Islamic terrorist out of the United States”.

While the legality of such a dramatic move is in question, the ban has generated a harmful ripple effect that reached the JFK airport within 24 hours of the order doing into effect.

Among those countries facing the ban is Iraq, and the two citizens that were detained had viable legal standing to be here.

Both had been granted refugee status due to time served with the US forces during the Iraqi war, one of them was on the way to see his wife.

The men were not put back on a plane, they were detained, imprisoned without due process or reason.

Two local politicians attempted to reach the refugees, and were told to speak to the President according to CNN.

This scenario is unconstitutional, and has caused an ugly backlash to the executive order before the policy had any chance to marinate.

Trump is playing with fire here.

Although one of the men has been released thanks to the efforts of two democratic lawmakers, Trump’s order undermines American ideals, and moves the goalpost in regards to our basic value system.

The American people cannot stand for civil liberties being trampled on.

These are the actions of a dictator, not a President, and Congress officially has a mess on it’s hands.

There is a reported 11 refugees currently in detention at the airport without any due process whatsoever.

These people don’t have rights in a country that is built on them.

The President’s executive order has already been challenged in the form of a lawsuit from the two men, the ALCU announced on their twitter account that they will be filing a complaint against the President.

The first of many.

Administration officials have confirmed to news outlets that anyone orginating from the banned countries would be put back on the plane starting right now.

Even those with legal visas, even those in the air on Saturday.

This story is going to repeat itself over and over again, the people affected by the travel ban will quickly jump into the thousands over the next couple weeks.

From Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s order specifically targets 134,000,000 people based for the most part on religious beliefs, and that stirs the echos of the 1930’s.

It has begun, Trump’s America is actually taking shape.



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