Judge Ann M. Donnelly blocking the immigration order was a win for humanity

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Chaos abound.

President Trump’s executive order placing a temporary ban upon citizens from seven different muslim majority countries ran into a buzz saw on Saturday.

First, the American people refused to go along with it, or accept a tacit piece of legislation that is in direct contravention with what the United States stands for.

Trump’s order sewed disorder across the civilized world as the global community attempted to adjust to a game changing political measure that appeared to target citizens of the Muslim faith.

Saturday marked the first day the order went into effect, and the new administration’s lack of experience was on full display.

Our fears about this administration being unable to handle this challenge were confirmed.

President Trump and his team were ill prepared to juggle the fallout that would ensue, nor could they have predicted the outrage that would descend upon on international airports all over the country.

They also never saw Judge Ann M. Donnelly coming.

Last night, just after 9PM Eastern Standard time, a federal judge named Ann M. Donnelly granted an emergency stay at the behest of the ALCU, blocking the Trump’s administrations orders to deport legal refugees back to their nation of origin.

This was a first round knockout for the American people, Trump’s order did not last 24 hours before it was smashed to bits by the media, and eventually the courts.

Judge Ann M. Donnelly’s landmark decision, pulled the rug out from under President Trump at a time that he was starting to feel good about himself.

From Twitter

Trump’s flurry of executive orders are more about his ego than actual governance, and the fundamental flaws in his immigration order were exposed Saturday night.

Judge Ann M. Donnelly, a Barack Obama appointee, stood up for civil rights, and halted the ludicrous temporary ban of Muslim citizens for the time being.

Her reasoning was sound, her position was just.

Her ruling was a shocking setback for an administration that appears to be out of their depth, and a President that does not totally understand the importance of his job.

The immigration order while dramatic, was vague, and poorly written, it should be no surprise that it was vunerable to a civil action, because this is America.

Trump is a President, not a king, and he was reminded of this fact last night in front of the entire world.

Trump does not accept any defeat with humility, but he went silent when this judgement came down.

This is the problem with having little political experience in the White House, and treating a country of people the same way you would run the Trump organization.

President Trump’s will is not absolute, his autocratic behavior can be checked by the courts, and Congress.

The American people can also play a part in maintaining the spirit of democracy.

We can demonstrate, we can file legal complaints, and we can in one voice remind the President that he is undercutting the very foundation of this country.

Luckily for all of us, the administration attempting to reweave the fabric of our society is not running at full capacity, nor do they have the ability too.

These people are unfit to run the country, it has been train wreck after train wreck, and any notion of an eight year term for President Trump is going down in flames.

He is a 4 year President, and even that is not a forgone conclusion.

Trump’s team blasted the idea of big government during the campaign, only to behave like the biggest form of government America has ever seen within days of taking over the White House.

Trumps order is unlawful, this emergency stay is only the begining.

Individual lawsuits will be filed against President Trump in the name of those citizens that still remain in detention as we sit here, and human rights organizations are going to challenge the legislation as a whole until it is removed from our society.

Last night was a pivotal moment in America, and a wake up call for Trump.

Although he won the election, at no point was he afforded the right to act like an emperor, and if he truly believes that Americans are going to roll over while he behaves like a bigoted tone deaf tryant, the billionaire businessman has another thing coming.

Trump’s ban, his wall, and his conduct as President of the United States is unamerican.


But what we saw last night, the unity, the organization, and the resistence?

THAT was America, and I could not have been prouder of the protesters, the lawyers, and the visionary judge who stood up to the President of the United States.

Bravo, but there is much more work to be done.



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