From Judi and Elinor

Photos: Judi Dixon-Otton and Elinor Slomba hit the million womens march!

From Judi and Elinor

Martin Luther King must be somewhere smiling.

Today, with the world watching, millions of women demonstrated the power of unity.

The womens march in DC was a rousing success, but it certainly was not the only protest.

From Judi and Elinor

Cities around the world were filled to the rafters with freedom fighters campaigning for justice, it could be remembered as the largest protest in human history.

From Judi and Elinor

An unprecedented display of hope, and resolve.

A right hook to the political jaw of Donald Trump.

From Judi and Elinor

Tastie Fish had friends and reporters in different places, our head editor was was too sick to travel, but some of our friends were present and accounted for.


Judi Dixon, and Elinor Slomba were among them, and they sent pictures of their experience to our news desk a couple hours ago.

Judi Dixon-Otton and Elinor Slomba

Awesome stuff ladies!




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