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Rep. Gaetz (and his team) refuse to explain his comments about Haiti to Tastie Fish

From Youtube

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida made some eye catching remarks about the nation of Haiti as he was rationalizing(not defending) President Trump’s sh/thole remarks about African based countries.

Against the backdrop of national outrage, the esteemed US Representative went on national television, and described Hati as such.

From the Tampa Bay Times

“Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz says President Donald Trump is essentially right: Haiti is a dump.

“I would not pick those terms, but I would say that the conditions in Haiti are deplorable, they are disgusting
I mean, everywhere you look in Haiti, it’s sheet metal and garbage when I was there.”

“Sheet metal and garbage” he says, a totally sensitive approach to a very fragile situation.

Not to mention, how many citizens of Haitian descent live in the sunny state of Florida?

His behavior peaked our interest, and we reached out to his office Wednesday morning to see if he had made a mistake, or spoken out of turn.

People make mistakes all the time, perhaps this was such a case.

The following is the email we sent to the communications director after his office had directed us to do so.


I was instructed to send my request to this address.

I am the political reporter for 
We had the following three questions for Rep Matt Gaetz.

Our newsroom noticed his remarks yesterday on MSNBC, I am copy and pasting the link  to save time.
1. Is Rep. Gaetz concerned that his commentary could be construed as racially explosive? 
2. Has the Rep. Gaetz. communicated any form of apology to Hati or it’s people?

3. Does Rep. Gaetz have any intention of using his office to help Hati evolve as a country? 


We wanted to publish a quick Q&A yesterday on the matter, perhaps the American people would feel differently about his actions if he had the chance to explain.

He chose not do that, either his communications director Jillian, or Rep Gaetz himself opted not clarify his remarks.

We spoke with his office again this morning, and they seem extremely apprehensive about addressing this issue.

As an American, I found the entire circumstance to be disappointing.

How could they not want to employ some form of damage control? Or distance themselves from inevitable conclusions?

“Wow” I said to myself over the course of the communications.

For the time being, Rep. Gaetz is owning his statements, and all the preconceived notions that run alongside it.

But have no worries everyone, we will keep calling his office, and going through the process until we have answers, we believe he owes all of you a firm explanation.

He is an elected official, not the CEO of a private company, and this union is operated by the consent of the governed.



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