Report: Law Enforcement will cut supply lines to Standing Rock protesters as winter nears


The chaos at Standing Rock continues.

As America ate food, and celebrated Thanksgiving, it was amazing that zero to little attention was paid to the clamity that is Standing Rock North Dakota, where actual Native American’s rights are being trampled upon.

Not only the indigenous people are under threat, anyone that supports them is subject to treatment that test the limits of the constitution.

For months, several different tribes, and their supporters, have refused to accept the construction of a pipeline that not only breaches land afforded to the native people via a treaty, it also puts the fresh water in the area at risk.

The protesters refer to themselves at the “water protectors”.

The federal goverment has put they’re head in the sand on this one, Washington has completely washed it’s hands of this situation.

They have left local law enforcement holding the bag, they could have resolved this tragic circumstance months ago with diplomacy, not attack dogs.

The pipeline should have never been approved in the first place.

As a result of the American government’s refusal to intervene, the situation has descended into anarchy.

The clashes have become more and more violent.

The images don’t lie.

Local law enforcement is worn out, some of the divisions from other states have already started to retreat, but not before using tear gass, rubber bullets, water cannons, and various forms of weaponary intended to harm the water protectors.


Citizens are being arrested for frivolous reasons, 2 young women were recently threatened with arrest in a restuarant, and this was after being summoned to a table by police officers who identified the ladies as protesters.

Given the lack of basic civil liberties currently on display in North Dakota, it’s a shocking that President Barack Obama has not addressed this more directly, and his inaction could end up costing lives.

Law enforcement has now announced they won’t allow supplies to be delivered to the the protesters, and this is with winter on America’s doorstep.

Winter in North Dakota is difficult to describe, the snow, the cold, the wind, it’s similar toPlant Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back.

SolLaw enforcement plans to smoke the protesters out, but what happens if people start dying for what they believe in?

Than what?

This is an irresponsible decision, this problem could be solved with a phone call, and law enforcement would rather risk the loss of life, then demand that Washington intervenes.


If Native Americans and any other sympathizers are forced to starve, or freeze to death, public opinion will turn nasty, and this standoff will last for years.




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