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Watch: 3 cops attack a 14 year old girl, then cover it up by charging her with assault

From Youtube

A video has surfaced on the internet that appears to show a 3 aggressive San Antonio police officers striking a 14 year old girl, and then arresting her for assault on an officer.

Police were responding to reports of a fight at the Quinceanera festival, which is a famous celebration of Hispanic heritage.

During that response, this video took place.

These officers have an odd definition of assault, the video tells a different story.

It seems this girl was struck, and forcibly restrained by the officers, it’s difficult to extract “assault on an officer” from this tape.

San Antonio Police have announced they are investigating the incident, but the damage has already been done.

This girl was attacked, then charged with a crime, and that is an injustice, multiple bystanders are telling the same story.

The teenager in question is an “honor roll student with no history of violence” according to the lawyer representing the family.



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