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Amazon is raising the price of “Prime”

From Twitter

Amazon has decided to tax the good people of planet earth.

In a surprising move, the price of the subscription service prime will rise by just under 18%.

The monthly fee will jump from $10.99 to $12.99, which also will impact the yearly price along the same lines.

This “hike” will go into effect on February 18th, even existing customers will not insulated from Amazon’s wrath.

Why make this move?

Prime is among the most popular subscription services in America, the company generates billions of dollars on the hour, the founder is the richest man in history.

Some might see the move as greedy, a dedicated customer base surely would have continued to line the coffers of company executives.

Amazon has been busy, they are going through the process of announcing the location of a new facility, and this money grab could be related to that prospect.



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