From Nintendo

Despite boosting production, Nintendo will not be able to satisfy the global demand for the Switch

From Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch consoles are selling like hot cakes.

After launching the console in March, the Nintendo Switch has become the one of the most sought after video game systems in history.

Actually getting your hands on a console at this point is rare, stores are being drained of their inventory.

The hysteria is justified, the platform is a masterpiece.

The new Zelda alone is enough to underwrite all of this craziness.

Nintendo is back, they have taken their rightful place at the top of the video gaming world.


The system is difficult to find at this point, and people are getting frustrated.

MSN reports, that Nintendo is “fearing customer tantrums” during the holiday season, and have¬†boosted production in advance of the chaos.

But the same report points out that Nintendo might not have enough supplies to meet the quota directive handed down by the administrators of the company.

That’s a serious problem.

They might not have the ability to make enough consoles?

Nintendo is to blame here, did they not realize that this glorious machine would be popular, that the video game industry was in dire need of such advancement?

They should have produced 30 million of these bad boys for sale, not the 16 million reported by Forbes.

Now they are facing a potential crisis in terms of overhead, and their ability to supply.

The demand is there, it’s now upon the company to deliver the goods.

They promised the fans access to this device.





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