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Facebook feeling the heat after the FTC announces investigation

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Facebook is about to enter a defining moment in it’s history.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the data mining firm admitted to mishandling the facebook account information for at least 50 million users, renewed scrutiny was heaped upon Facebook by local and federal law enforcement authorities.

The hits have kept on coming since.

First it was revealed that Facebook has retained call log information (along with other private details) for millions of android users.

Some critics don’t understand why Facebook would feel the need to keep tabs on users phone calls and text messages, ┬áthat seems to be far outside of the company mandate, in fact, it feels invasive.

Which leads us to the second development, the FTC announced earlier today that they are investigating Facebook for questionable methods as it relates to privacy.

That information hitting the mainstream sent Facebook’s Wall Street shares into a nose dive, inflicting untold amounts of damage on the company, and raising questions about the future.

Lets go ahead and call it the biggest disaster Mark Zuckerberg has faced as founder and CEO of the social media giant.

Facebook is easily one of the most influential companies on the planet, mabye ever,  the engine shapes wars, elections, and social continuity, but they might have bitten off more than they can chew if these insane allegations are true.

If Facebook is really storing caller log and text message information from it’s users through the phone application, the company should be punished.

We trust Facebook, playing big brother on our phones without our consent is totally illegal, and should be dealt with severely.



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