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Is the “Amazon Key” safe?

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Last month Amazon rolled out a promotion that allowed delivery drivers to access your home while your at work or elsewhere.

The purpose of the innovation is to prevent the theft of packaged goods, a circumstance that has touched seemingly every consumer on the planet at one point or another.

Amazon charges a consumer $250 for a special door lock that allegedly can only be accessed by the driver, the package comes complete with a remote camera that is pointed at the door and records whomever it is that enters the home.

Amazon believes the technology is the answer to the “last mile” problem, and will ensure the delivery of goods purchased on the site.

The only proviso is that someone you don’t know will have the ability to walk into your house with nobody present.

On the surface, the service is uncomfortable, who wants a stranger in their home for any reason?

Amazon assured everyone the technology is fool proof.

Public confidence in the service took a massive hit last week when it was revealed that the technology can be hacked, and people that are not delivery drivers can enter your home under the cover of service.

From CBS News

“Researchers from Rhino Security Labs say they’ve found a weakness in the security camera system. It’s called a de-authentication attack.

“An attacker can walk in and leave and you won’t be able to see anything, and there won’t be a record,” said Chris Lakin, an engagement manager at Rhino.

In a Rhino Security demo, a mock driver finishes dropping off a package. Then he or a nearby hacker sends commands to the Wi-Fi server the security system relies on and temporarily takes the camera offline before the door locks again.

“This is a really simple thing to do it takes just one command,” Lakin said.
So while a customer’s app still shows a closed door, a would-be burglar could walk inside without the camera seeing him.”

The biggest issue with the service is security, and safety, if any hacker out there can penetrate the service, and walk in and out of people’s homes, the potential for theft or even worse is very high.

Amazon is assuming serious liability with this service, especially if there is loop holes that can exposed by criminals.

The company has declared they will fix the glitch. 

It would seem receiving packages the old fashioned way might be the safe bet for consumers.



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