Nice: There is a $30 smartphone about to go on the market

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Smartphones have to be the most important innovation of the last 10 years, and nothing comes close for a variety of reasons.

Smartphones are a cornerstone of human interaction, they also set the pace for our daily information intake.

But they cost so much money, and the price is is constantly rising.

There might be an answer to this problem.

A South African startup named Oynx Connect has developed a phone that is every bit as advanced as the fancy phones we see at Best Buy, but it can be obtained for a fraction of the price.

$30 to be precise, and they developed these phones in conjunction with google, so questions about the credibility of the device should fall by the wayside.

The phone has all the trimmings, cameras, 1GB of Ram, and comes “clean” according to the company, devoid of any apps or other preloaded applications that many phone companies force a consumer to use.

When this phone will go on the international market is anyone’s guess, but it’s feasible that this phone will be a massive hit in America, especially within the lower income community.



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